VIDEOS: Ugly Dance World Cup 2010

Ugly Dance World Cup team Fett-tastic Kidz

We say ugly! You say dance!  And so it goes for the ten dance troupes set to compete in the Second Annual Ugly Dance World Cup to be held in Hamburg City, Germany tomorrow.  From the UDWC official page:

Everyone now knows about the beauty to be found in ugliness. After the great success of the inaugural 1st Ugly Dance World Cup 2009 it’s high time we celebrated the art of ugliness, once again.  It’s so easy to dance nicely, but ugly dancing is an art. We like to call it “ugly aesthetics”.

These ten finalists are the best in the world or at least Western Europe at dancing terribly.  They are ready to prove that their inabilities will far undershine all their adversaries led feet and jelly knees.  Rhythm is not welcome here, choreography is a sin and you better not even think about reminding the judges of Usher or even The Situation for that matter.

What you will find below is a beautiful blend of odd Euro behavior, the worst of American influence, some gut busting moves and possibly the happiest man I’ve ever seen on YouTube from Team Remmidemmi!

Here are the video submissions from some of the absolute worst dancing dudes and dudettes alive.  Crank up the poorly ripped electronica and let those feet get to tangling!

Inferno Ragazzi:

Fett-tastic Kids:

Die Dezentiner:

Team Schädel


Trendy, fesch und hip in Hamburg

Jeremy-Pascal FuNfF10

Team Remmidemmi

JAMP Aachen, wa!

Chuckelines of Norris

Just go ahead and hand over the cup to Team Remmidemmi.  They are an unstoppable force of spandex awfulness!