VIDEO Dad catches foul ball daughter throws it back – plus an interview with the girl!

A Dad watches as his daughter throws a foul ball back on the field during a Philadelphia Phillies game

We have a candidate for father of the year! You have to see this video of dad Steve Monforto at a Philadelphia Phillies game who makes an amazing catch of a foul ball and then hands it to his eager, celebratory daughter Emily who immediately tosses it right back onto the field. Watch as daddy manages to suppress his horror and keep a happy face before giving his little girl a huge hug.

Since the incident occurred, Steve and Emily Monforto have gotten a good deal of press coverage, including this hard-hitting interview:

This father/daughter team might have a future in professional baseball! They’ve shown that they can catch and throw, which already makes them better than Manny Ramirez.

Also – note the kind-hearted announcing in the video. There are a lot of negative things that could be said about the current state of America’s past time (steroids, no salary cap for a select few teams, instant replay) but it’s still the most family-friendly of professional sports!


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UPDATE – Check out video of Emily and the rest of her family on The Today Show!

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