Watch Online Jersey Shore Episode 8 “One Shot”

Ronnie from Jersey Shore arrested and taken for a mugshot

Another episode of Jersey Shore, another dude in an Ed Hardy shirt gets arrested for assault. The twist this time around is that it’s a cast member!

Watch the complete episode right here!


Jersey Shore Episode 8 “One Shot” Recap:

J-Woww struggles with the aftermath of slapping and punching Mike (See the video clip HERE) and the crew departs Atlantic City. The Situation continues in his efforts to make everyone hate him by putting pickles all around Snooki’s room while she’s asleep and hatching a similar plan for Vinny, except instead of pickles it’s a concoction of various malodorous substances mixed together by Mike and slipped under Vinny’s bed.

Meanwhile, Pauly D realizes Danielle (“Israeli”) is a bit of an obsessive stalker type as she happens to bump into him on the boardwalk while he’s hanging out with a group of women. J-Woww makes up with Mike and Snooki wonders if she has found true love with a nice, romantic guy. Ronnie confronts Mike about hitting on Sammi and The Situation’s woes continue when Vinny finds out about the Haterade.

Pauly D's boardwalk stalker Danielle

Pauly D has a verbal showdown with Danielle over the duck phone and Ronnie shows another dude what all his muscles are capable of, knocking him out cold on the street. The cameras and being on a first-name basis with the cops wasn’t enough to bail Ronnie out this time as he is arrested and hauled off to jail.

All that in one hour! And it’s not even scripted!!! I can’t believe there’s only one more episode 🙁

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