VIDEO Chris Brown spoofs Ricky Romance with a gun and a puppy

Chris Brown spoofs Ricky Romance death threats with a gun and a puppy

The bitter Twitter battle between Chris Brown and Raz-B continues to escalate, even after both have issued apologies for their parts in the debacle.

The latest chapter in Douchapalooza is a video featuring Chris Brown imitating Raz-B’s brother Ricky Romance, who made numerous violent threats towards Chris via Twitter and YouTube. (You can get caught all caught up on the feud HERE.) The video features an exaggeratedly thuggish Chris Brown with a toy gun and what appears to be an actual newborn puppy:

Chris Brown is quickly becoming Lil Kanye – always whining about people not forgiving him for his actions just before doing something else stupid. Unlike Kanye though, I don’t believe Chris Brown has the creative talent to maintain his success under such a vast, ever-growing pile of idiocy.

Chris – you are infamous worldwide for punching Rihanna repeatedly and bloodying her face. Should you really be making videos threatening to shoot a puppy with an automatic rifle, even if the rifle is a toy and the video is a joke? But perhaps the argument could be made that the fact that I’m writing this post is evidence there is genius to his madness. Heaven knows I wouldn’t have wasted any words writing about his new album!