VIDEO Channing Tatum reveals he is ‘terrified’ of dolls on Ellen, Ellen checks to make sure

Channing Tatum afraid of dolls on Ellen

Everyone has a fear of something: clowns, roller coasters, spiders, dolls…

Dolls? Yup, if you’re Channing Tatum that is. The 34-year old, G.I. Joe star admitted on Ellen he is truly terrified of porcelain dolls.

“I just think they’re freaky, really super freaky,” he said. “I just imagine when you walk by them their heads turn with you the whole time.”

After admitting his fear — and likely setting himself up for a lifetime of porcelain doll gag gifts — Channing realized what was coming when he said, “Tell me you do not have a doll here.”

Ellen didn’t disappoint when she pulled out two porcelain dolls… And not of the sweet and dainty variety. One doll Ellen had looked like it was from The Craft:

Ellen Channing Tatum porcelain doll

Check out this hilarious clip as Ellen makes Channing squirm.

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