VIDEO Buff kangaroo goes beast mode outside mental hospital

Muscular Kangaroo

That is one seriously buffed Kangaroo, Jack!

I can’t blame dude’s side-eye one bit.  Brian (dude’s name) was down under with his good gal Jan (camera operator) behind a mental hospital feeding wild kangaroos when marsupial Schwarzenegger showed up wanting a little grub. Brian, who obviously knows when he’s no longer the alpha-male, fed the boomer (Australian slang for a huge male kangaroo) like a good little boy.

Here’s the viral video magic.

Man, Jan is just enamored with the brute size of this roo’s jacked up physique. I mean she is just giggling with excitement! Brian doesn’t help his cause by pointing out the size of marsupial Schwarzenegger’s feet. In the end it gets a little scary as beast mode comes bounding towards them. I think I’ll let one of the YouTube comments have this one:

“At 1:46 it kills them both.”

You know when I first saw this jacked up Kangaroo I was reminded of how my head was expanded by a buff picture Aaron Carter tweeted. I was able to hunt that old post down and do the following side-by-side comparison.

Buff Kangaroo buff Aaron Carter compared

Awesome! I guess if buff Aaron Carter were to roam up towards me outside of a mental hospital I’d feed him too…

Via BuzzFeed