VIDEO Britney Spears confirms to Pauly D that she’s dating Charlie Ebersol

Britney Spears Charlie Ebersol

“Work B**ch” singer Britney Spears has confirmed the widely circulated reports that she is dating writer and producer Charlie Ebersol.

Britney dropped the nugget to Jersey Shore vet Pauly D in an interview for Extra.

Pauly D: I hear there’s a rumor that there might be a special someone in your eyes right now?

Britney: Yes, there is a special someone.

D: Can we hear any details about it?

B: No. It’s very new.

In addition to the new man in her life, Britney has been a busy lady as she was just given the key to the city by Las Vegas, while the gambling mecca declared November 5 “Britney Spears Day.”

So who is this new Britney beau? Via People – here’s some things to know about Charlie Ebersol (31) :

1.  He’s a successful TV and film producer.

2. He rescued his father from the flaming wreckage of a 2004 plane crash in which his younger brother Teddy tragically lost his life.

3. He’s the son of legendary TV executive Dick Ebersol.

You can find Charlie Ebersol via Twitter here and Instagram here.