VIDEO Chris Soules’ Bachelor promo is beyond corny

The new season of The Bachelor featuring Iowa farmer Chris Soules is set to premiere on Monday, Jan. 5. To whet our appetites, ABC rolled out the first promo during last night’s CMAs — and the word “corny” describes it for a few different reasons.

In the video, the hunky Midwestern man is walking through a field of corn while wearing a suit. As you do. Then whispers start coming from the stalks: “I’m the one” and “No, I’m the one” and “He’s mine!” Finally, to remind people this isn’t a Children of the Corn remake, Chris poses with a rose and the omniscient voice says The Bachelor is coming to ABC in January.

Chris Soules The Bachelor

Based on Bachelor aficionado Reality Steve‘s information about the new season, the competing earns of corn are nods to the extremely catty batch of girls.

On his website, Steve explained that one of the rabble-rousers is Jade Roper, who is officially involved in cosmetics… But is really better known for her work as a Playboy Amateur model.

Jade Roper - The Bachelor

“I really am giddy to see how this is all handled. 18 completed seasons of the Bachelor, and they’ve NEVER cast someone who had done Playboy before and has nude pictures currently all over the internet, along with a 3 minute video writhing around on a backyard patio in nothing but fringe heels and a pair of underwear that eventually she takes off,” Steve added. “Traditional. Classic. All-American. Uh huh. Lets just say I’m praying to God every night that he picks Jade because all hell is gonna break loose in Middle America if he does. January 5th can’t get here soon enough.”

The Bachelor premieres Monday, Jan. 5 at 8/7c on ABC.

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