VIDEO Brad Pitt singing will make your day

The 86th Annual Academy Awards Press Room

I tell you what–Brad Pitt singing is one charismatic dude. Fresh off of not having to serve on a jury because he is too gosh darn handsome, the Pittster found himself in southern California for the start of the awards season: the Palm Springs International Film Festival. His duty: Present the Breakthrough Performance Award to David Oyelowo, who’s drawn rave reviews for his portrayal of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in the just-released Selma.

Pitt was daring enough to tackle the question everyone was thinking and most people in the audience were either afraid to ask or uncertain about how to ask. Namely, how does one pronounce “Oyelowo”? It’s a fair question (though Oyelowo seems like he has enough talent and savvy to ensure that we’ll all be seeing a lot more of him in the coming years), and one Pitt attacked in a particularly Bill Murray-ish manner. Remember the old maxim: When in doubt, lead the audience in song. Nobody will question Brad Pitt singing.

So! Here’s the videotape of Brad Pitt singing, courtesy of the London Telegraph. Check it:

The nod to Coldplay is nice, though it seems most of the people in the room don’t quite get it. It’s also fairly clear that, while the crowd appreciates the joke, not too many of them are willing to play along. Which is a shame, because engaging in a silly, lighthearted sing-along at a posh awards ceremony is one way to preserve your humanity in the face of Awards Season, which is now upon us. Thank you, Brad Pitt, for educating and entertaining your cold-shouldered peers while simultaneously preserving them from themselves. Now please stay far away from any Ocean’s Fourteen rumors.


(Photo credits: Brad Pitt singing WENN)