VIDEO Both Hailey Glassman interviews on The Insider

Jon Gosselin's girlfriend Hailey Glassman is at the center of Haileygate

In case you missed it! Here’s the Hailey Glassman “interview” from The Insider, during which she revelas that Jon Gosselin emotionally abuses her and often lashes out at her when throwing “mantrums.”

My favorite Hailey quote? Her revealing innuendo that reveals a little TMI about her and Jon: “I get it from every end.” Hi-ooooooo!

Here’s part two:

And of course there’s the next night where Hailey goes toe to toe with Kathy Griffin…

Ahhhhhh… Thank you reality television! You are truly modern day alchemists, turning lead like Jon Gosselin into PURE GOLD!

In case you missed it, be sure to check out Hailey’s classic facebook party photos, including her puffing on a blunt and faceplanting her face into a plant! Oh, and don’t miss Hailey’s earlier interview on E!

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