Miami Social Season 1 Final Episode Recap With Video Clips

Miami Social season finale episode recap by

Miami Social wrapped up it’s first (and probably last) season Tuesday night and in case you missed it, here’s what happened:

Hardy and Trixia decide they want to celebrate their six years of not really wanting to truly commit to each other by renting a big yacht and hosting a party. They get taken out on a test run by the yacht rental lady and decide the 60-foot plus party island would be perfect. Fast big boat parties are one thing reality shows in Miami have going for them. If this were Boise Social I suppose they would be looking to rent a flatbed trailer for an upscale hayride. (Please, no Boise hate mail! I love Boise AND hayrides!)

George’s mother has arrived in Miami and through no fault of hers it sets off a chain of mama drama. First is Sorah’s arrival at George’s pad to say hello to her former mother-in-law. It’s obvious that Sorah and George’s mom (I didn’t catch her name) get along just fine and there’s a detectable trace of regret in both women as they hug and share sincere pleasantries. But, the reunion doesn’t last long as George hurries Sorah out the door for fear that she would still be there when Lina the Cuckookranian got home.

As it turns out, there was no need to rush Sorah because Lina was more than an hour late in arriving, holding up a seafood dinner planned at George’s friend Frank’s place. George is a bit perturbed and anxious and mom is tired and hungry when Lina finally arrives. Mom gets to meet the woman that will most assuredly someday seriously injure her son for the first time and she offers a gift. Lina opens the gift bag to find what appears to be a shawl and says, “Ees eet handmade? Can I sell eet? Not much use for deese een Miami. Want to spleet eet?” Wow. Needless to say, mom added dumbstruck to her growing list of adjectives that still included tired and hungry.

Lina continued her compassionate ways by heading to the bedroom to change clothes, but not before taking a shower, to which George growled, “Dude, I can’t believe she’s taking a f***ing shower!” A statement for which he lost a few sympathy points from me because I have problem enough referring to any woman as “dude,” but your mom?

George introduces Lina to his mother. Worst first impression ever?

George introduces Lina to his mother. Worst first impression ever?

Eventually the threesome do make it to Frank’s but it doesn’t take long for the Lina and mama drama to start up again, this time thanks to George’s unmannerly insistence that his mother answer the question, “What do you think of Lina? Is she cool or what?” Mom tried to tastefully dodge the question because Lina was standing right there, but George ket pushing, to which mom finally conceded, “I think there’s a lot of energy here, it just needs to be more positive.”

Lina picked up on the embarrassment mom was feeling and as is her nature, she went on the attack, calling out mom’s red face. The cameras zoom in on mom to reveal a reddening face and nervous sweat. “Oh I’m just menopausal,” she replied. In the right situation Lina’s directness would be a benefit, but George’s mom seemed like a nice intelligent woman that had done nothing to deserve it.

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