VIDEO Beyonce’s H&M Summer Collection 2013 with new song “Standing On The Sun”

Beyonce H&M swimwear

As fans anxiously await the release of Beyonce’s new album, she continues to dole out tantalizing teasing tune tidbits in a brilliant marketing ploy that may very well reshape the music industry — releasing singles all tied to marketing campaigns for various products. “Grown Woman” was used in her Pepsi campaign and now we have 90 seconds of the new song “Standing On The Sun” in a new video promoting the H&M Summer Collection 2013!

In the clip Beyonce dons various pieces from the new H&M swimwear line as she dances about on an island looking super damn beautiful and singing, “I can’t deny your desire, feel like I’m on fire. When you touch me, I feel the flame they can never feel.” In other words, HOT HOT HOT!!!

Beyonce Standing On The Sun music video H&M swimwear

The extended commercial was shot in the Bahamas by director Jonas Åkerlund back in January. (You might remember when Beyonce’s back-up dancer Kimberly Gipson let it slip that Beyonce was there working with H&M, a huge secret at the time.)

Though there is still no release date for Beyonce Mr. Carter’s new album, we do have a release date for the 2013 H&M Summer Collection: May 2.

I don’t know if they will be offering wicker chairs and such though:

Beyonce H&M Swimwear video wicker chair

25% of the proceeds from the new swimwear line, called H&M for Water, will be donated to H&M for WaterAid, which helps raise money for the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water. Visit for more info on the great things they are doing.

Meanwhile, we will get back to the great things Beyonce is doing in H&M swimwear!

H&M Beyonce photo  Beyonce H&M bikini photo  H&M for Water swimwear line Beyonce

Mrs. Carter Beyonce H&M swimwear commercial  Beyonce H&M swimwear 2013 Standing On the Sun music video

What’s that? Not enough Beykini photos you say? (Like there could ever be enough.) Unlike most of Beyonce’s skin, we’ve gotcha covered! Here are some of the studio photos from the H&M 2013 Summer Collection modeled by Beyonce herself:

Beyonce H&M Summer Collection 2013 bikini 01  Beyonce in a bikini  Beyonce bikini photo

Beyonce H&M Summer Collection 2013 05  Beyonce posing for H&M 2013 Summer Swimwear Collection  Beyonce H&M Summer Collection 2013 06