Audrina Patridge’s mom Lynn Patridge drunk in viral video

Audrina Patridge came across very quiet and kind of private on her hit scripted reality show The Hills, but her mom Lynn Patride is quite the opposite. At least when she’s drinking.

Tuesday night she was plastered at Beso in L.A., and told a cameraman exactly what was on her mind. The long and short is that she’s pissed that Audrina got kicked off Dancing With the Stars, she now wants Brandy to win, and she’s ready to BRING IT to Lauren Conrad and her pissy little fashion sh!t with Audrina’s new VH1 reality show.

If Lynn’s gonna be on the show, she‘ll definitely bring it, and we can’t wait. And there’s a real possibly that we’ll be seeing more of Lynn. Audrina told People that her show will follow her as she tries to navigate Hollywood, including paparazzi run-ins, but will is “also about how I stay grounded with my family.”

Somehow, watching this explains Audrina’s attraction to Justin Bobby.

Hollyscoop transcribed some of Lynn’s ranting. Enjoy:

“Audrina is going to f—ing rise. She’s got class. You know why? She’s a Polish, Catholic, f—ing full-on Italian. Not only that, she was raised right. And I don’t give a s–t. It’s all American . . .We’re going to f—ing smoke, especially Lauren Conrad’s pissy a– little fashion s—. That bitch wants to bring it on? Let’s go! I’ve had it . . I’ve been a celebrity mom eight years through this Hills bulls–t, but Audrina’s going to the next level, baby,” she explained. “F—ing Hills girls — Hills tramps! My baby’s a star! She’s the only one that has some class and I don’t give a f— about it.”