VIDEO Arizona weather map predicts apocalyptic temperatures, weatherman just rolls with it live on the air

Fire 480


The crew over at Fox 10 out there in sunny Phoenix AZ is made up of some good-natured folk, and some talented improvisers to boot. Earlier this week, there was a malfunction involving either the network’s green screen or the computers loading the information into the weather map, because that map started to project incorrect information. And not just slightly incorrect, either. According to Fox 10, the greater Phoenix metro area was about to experience disastrous, apocalyptic temperatures–the sort that devastate humans and man-made structures and leave little left for analysis.

Which was just fine by weatherman Cory McKloskey, who rolled with the flubs like a champ. Check out McKloskey’s adaptive skills:



Hats off to this dude for turning an honest mistake into a comedy sketch without breaking a sweat. Not everyone who delivers the weather is so quick-witted.

And, to the people of Cave Creek AZ: We all hope you are OK. Are they still out there? Has anyone checked?


(Photo credits: Wikipedia; public domain)

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