EXCLUSIVE Game of Thrones Season 2 poster

Game of Thrones GoT Milk of the Poppy? Season 2 poster

Humor is coming!

HBO’s award-winning series Game of Thrones returns for its much-anticipated second season on April 1st, and we’re ecstatic to share this exclusive promotional poster for the new season! It features Winterfell’s own Lord Eddard Stark with a milk of the poppy mustache after coming down with a terminal case of honor. That is followed by HBO’s new slogan for the new season, “War Is Coming.”

I should probably clarify that this isn’t actually an official poster for Game of Thrones Season 2, merely a silly concoction our resident Maester of Photoshop whipped together for you. Please feel free to share it with all your GoT friends, though. (We are opiate becomes one of our most poppylar posts.) (That was for you, Tyrion!)

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