VIDEO Alleged stalker replies to Usher’s restraining order against her

Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw accused of stalking Useh Raymond

Justin Bieber’s pop-daddy Usher Raymond filed dem restraining order papers against alleged stalker Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw (seen above).

According to Ush, Darshelle decided she would just drop by his crib in Georgia back on June 23. Reps for the soul singer allege that Darshelle’s intent was to harass him and his family. She pounded on the door for a little while but to no avail.

The po-po were called to the house and they suggested to Jones-Rakestraw that it would be in her best interest to stay the heck away from Usher’s private premises. She took the advice but not for very long. Raymond stated that she returned the very next day and sources with TMZ revealed that she was claiming to be the man’s wife to the cops.

Being that Usher isn’t married the authorities were inclined not to believe the claims and arrested Darshelle. Usher then obtained an immediate temporary restraining order that he hopes will become a permanent one in an upcoming hearing.

Rarely in these stalker situations do we get a personal defense from the alleged law-breaker. But Darshelle was kind enough to provide us a peek into the mind of a random door knocker with a YouTube defense post! Check it out:

From what appears to be a local dining establishment, Darshelle set about explaining her position in a run-on sentence that’s a little hard to make out but here’s some of the highlights.

“I’m not a stalker … [Usher] has officially slandered me and defamed my character.”

“Yesterday when I was leaving trying to reply to his call I was on my way to the Kroger to apply for a job and I was served with stalking papers.”

“Since February 2011 me and Mr. Raymond have been exchanging finances through Western Union and the Bank of America…”

This reminds me of this one time when my girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend called me at work to try and convince me he wasn’t crazy. I hung up realizing that what dude just did was , in fact, cray-cray… Darshelle intends on filing her own papers against Usher Raymond IV for defamation.

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