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The Voice Finale

Will momentum keep Blake Shelton rolling? Or will Usher really display some beginner’s luck? That’s the big question fans of The Voice are asking themselves in advance of this week’s finale.

Statistically speaking, the odds are in Blake’s favor. With two of the three finalists, Blake seems to have a relatively clear path to his third consecutive win as a Voice judge. Those two acts also happen to be very fitting contenders.

First there’s Danielle Bradbery, the 16-year-old with a powerhouse voice. In a Today poll of more than 10,000 fans, 55 percent predicted that Danielle will take the whole competition.

In addition to her voice, there are other clear factors working in Danielle’s favor. The biggest is that, even though the show begins with blind auditions, the American audience is often won over by looks and personality. In those senses, Danielle comes across as the perfect girl next door. Who wouldn’t want to bet on the next Carrie Underwood?

Zack and Colton Swon, or “The Swon Brothers,” are also on Blake’s team. The folksy, country duo has made it significantly farther in the competition than any previous pair — and that says something about their ability to shake up expectations. Although they stay fairly true to their genre, they have displayed varied vocal skills. Plus, they are downright fun to root for.

Still, their abilities to pull out unexpected votes will be tested during the finale. They are currently the underdogs.

Finally, there’s first-year-coach Usher and his alternative vocalist, Michelle Chamuel.

Michelle Chamuel The Voice

During his inaugural season, Usher has likely learned that a “sure thing” isn’t always. While he built his team with strong to-be pop stars, it was quirky Michelle who made it until the end. Her “adorkableness” paired with some serious talent has been evident from the beginning. But, it’s still doubtful that many would have placed her in the final three a month or two back. Whereas Danielle’s skills were evident from her first performance, Michelle has steadily won over fans throughout the season.

The finalists will take the stage for the last night of competition on NBC tonight at 8/7 CST. The winning performer and coach will be crowned on NBC tomorrow at 9/8 CST.

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