VIDEO 2-pound joint confiscated at UC Santa Cruz 4/20 party


If you’re gonna rock the joint at a 4/20 party might we suggest that the joint you bring not weigh 2 pounds!

It’s a yearly tradition for students and other random folks to gather on campus at the University of California, Santa Cruz on April 20 to celebrate 4/20 by firing up some marijuana at 4:20 PM. This time around a student decided to go very large by bringing along a 2-pound joint to the festivities. He is even said to have manufactured a booth for the unveiling of the mega-roll.

The massive 4-foot-long creation got confiscated and carried away by an officer while participants actually gave the guy a hard time about it. One dude, not sure if it was the ganjartist or not, berated the officer with legal threats as he walked away. “You lied to me, too. Dude you’re a liar. You’re a liar…. I can’t wait to see you in court. I can show how you’re harassing me,” he argued.

In California they have medical marijuana available but recreational use is still illegal. And recreational use is seriously illegal when you bring a bunch of attention to yourself and roll out a roll that big! If you’re like me and wondering how this party is allowed to even happen, well UCSC’s Chief of Police Nadar Oweis says it’s all about limited resources.

“It’s not that we don’t want to shut it down, but it’s tougher because we have limited resources and the high cost it would take to completely stop the event, is not something we have right now.”


Oweis also noted that in past years there’s been a dangerous element to the gathering as they’ve encountered sex offenders, runaways, and students intoxicated beyond the means of even taking care of themselves. For now, they just try to keep the peace as much as possible by having officers patrol on foot, keep watch and safeguard over the students as well as stationing observation points at all entrances to ensure no one is driving when they shouldn’t be.

According to The Daily Mail, the constructor of this monstrosity wasn’t even arrested!

So lemme get this straight – some dude unveils a 2-lb joint in public via a booth he made and then peeps get upset and threaten legal action when it’s taken during a party on campus in which the police don’t even arrest people for getting high right out in public?

My advice would be to chill out man…