VIDEO Georgia lawyer Jamie Casino had the most epic Super Bowl ad


Excluding residents of Seattle and fans of the Seahawks, most people woke up this morning after the big game bemoaning how bad everything about the Super Bowl was. The game was a stinker, folks seem split about the halftime show and even the costly advertising mostly disappointed.

And then there were the citizens of Savannah, Georgia who were treated to an insane local commercial spot from attorney Jamie Casino. The lawyer rolled the dice and bought out the entire first two-minute block available for local advertisers to deliver the following epicness that has to be seen to be believed:

Casino, is that a perfect name for an attorney or what, wrote and directed this bad rascal featuring a flaming sledgehammer with his late brother Michael’s name and a cross emblazoned on it as he obliterates the powers that be with one crushing swing.

During the clip his son asks, “What do you do when you go to work?”  His dad, who is heard proclaiming that he doesn’t “represent villains anymore,” states that he instead speaks “for innocent victims who cannot speak for themselves.”

I’d say that Casino can also tell his son with confidence that he makes awesome commercials!


Via YouTube, Casino wrote of the spot:

An epic 2 Minute Halftime Commercial written and directed by Jamie Casino. The spot features Jamie’s brother Michael who was gunned down with his friend on Labor Day 2012. The story reveals how Savannah’s Chief of Police, Willie Lovett, deceived the citizens of Savannah after four homicides took place Labor Day weekend. Jamie Casino, a personal injury attorney with a large practice based in Savannah, GA created the ad to set the record straight in the Biggest Game of the Year, Super Bowl XLVIII.

H/T: DeadSpin