TEEN MOM Stephan’s girlfriend Madison McClain arrested, Kayla seems vindicated

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Kayla's ex Stephan's girlfriend Madison McClain

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Kayla Sessler flexed some righteous pettiness on Instagram earlier today after she found out Stephan’s girlfriend, Madison McClain, was arrested late last week.

“Illinois State Police arrested Madison McClain, 20, of Rockford, for allegedly driving drunk and speeding away from police on I-88,” WTVO reports. “Police say she also had drugs in the car.” However, Madison’s arrest was a bit more complicated than it sounds.

Police were first alerted to a stalled vehicle on an Interstate 88 ramp, but before officers arrived on the scene, Madison left in a red 2016 Hyundai. Police attempted to stop Madison, but she refused to stop.

“Police say they did not engage in a pursuit, but later located McClain at a gas station off the interstate,” WTVO states.

Madison was arrested and booked into jail on charges of Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding, Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance, Driving Under the Influence, and Driving While License Suspended.
Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Stephan's girlfriend Madison arrested
Madison is not listed as currently being in custody. According to court records, her next court date is scheduled for June 9.

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UPDATE – Here are Madison’s charges as of 5/25, including three felonies:
Aggravated DUI – License Suspended or Revoked (Felony)
Aggravated Fleeing a Police Officer Exceeding 21 MPH Over Limit (Felony)
Possession of a Controlled Substance – Other Drug (Felony)

DUI 1st or 2nd Offense (Misdemeanor)
Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor)
Driving While License Suspended (Misdemeanor)
Following Too Closely (Petty Offense)

Passing Vehicle While On Shoulder Of Road (Petty Offense)
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles (Petty Offense)
Transportation or Possession of Alcoholic Liquor in a Motor Vehicle (Petty Offense)
Illegal Stopping, Standing or Parking Where Prohibited (Petty Offense)
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Kayla posted a screen cap of the WTVO article linked above in her Instagram stories and added this bit of commentary: “👀 Yet mfs tried to say I was bitter for not wanting Zay around her 😂😂.”

In her comment, Kayla is referencing some drama that played out on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Stephan was claiming to have gotten his life together as he asked Kayla for more time with their son, Izaiah. But, Kayla was reluctant to give Stephan what he wanted, due in part to his relationship with Madison.
Kayla revealed to MTV cameras that Stephan cheated on her with Madison a couple years prior. She also mentioned a rather disturbing incident in which Madison threatened her while Kayla was pregnant.

“My big issue with her is that when I was pregnant, me and her got into it and she said that she was gonna beat my ass and make me have a miscarriage,” Kayla said.

Kayla also alleged that Madison was abusive towards Stephan. While talking with Stephan about Madison, Kayla pressed him by asking how he chipped his tooth — implying that Madison was responsible. “Her and Stephan have gotten into some fights,” Kayla later said, “and I don’t want someone that’s violent or unsafe around my son.”

Here is a clip from the show in which Madison, Stephan, Kayla and Luke all meet up in hopes of working out their issues. As you might imagine, it didn’t go well.

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