Toddler dies after getting head stuck in automatic car window


A 19-month-old boy from Zwolle, Louisiana has died from positional asphyxia after his head was caught between an automatic car window and the door frame of an SUV.

Deunka Lynch, the mother of the deceased child, said that her son Robert Lynch was riding in the backseat unrestrained because she was driving just a brief distance to a relative’s house.

Via The Shreveport Times:

Once Lynch stopped the car, however, she found Robert’s neck compressed by the rear window and his head protruding outside. She had to restart the vehicle in order to lower the window and free Robert. The mother speculated that as she drove Robert stepped on the window button allowing it to lower then stepped on it again and became trapped as it raised.

Robert Lynch was taken to Sabine Medical Center and later transferred to University Health in Shreveport by Life Air Rescue, where he was placed on life support. Lynch was later declared brain dead and life support was removed.

Officer Michael Gillie was the responding officer after a frantic 911 call was placed.

He told KSLA:

“In my six years, this was the toughest thing I had I deal with because I was so hands on. It was just chaotic people were everywhere, and just observing Ms. Lynch on the ground with her son. She was just crying and I felt for her because as a parent, at that point, you don’t know what to do.”

Deunka Lynch told KSLA, “I’m the mother of 3 kids, and I would never do anything to hurt my 3 kids. I love my baby.” The victim’s father, Mike Garner, added, “I know she wouldn’t do anything to Robert. We all loved him, we hated to whip him.” He said that Deunka Lynch was currently expecting another baby.

The incident is under investigation but no arrests have been made. The Shreveport Times reports that it will be up to District Attorney Don Burkett on whether or not any charges will be filed after he receives the investigation information from the Zwolle Police Department.

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