Florida cop punches estranged husband cop’s new cop girlfriend


An Osceola, Florida deputy was arrested and suspended after she was accused of punching a female St. Cloud police officer while she was at a park with her estranged police sergeant husband.

39-year-old Edenia Nettles was charged with battery on a law-enforcement officer. She faces termination depending on the results of an internal investigation, according to a sheriff’s spokesperson.

The ruckus went down after hours Wednesday night at a St. Cloud city park. Nettles was off duty when she discovered her husband, Sgt. John Nettles, 36, parked with Officer Jennifer Hoyos, 26, who was on duty at the time. Edenia Nettles walked up to the car and was said to have punched Hoyos on the left side of her face through the window.

Edenia Nettles then is alleged to have grabbed Hoyos by the hair and pulled her completely out of her patrol vehicle. The two continued to fight, requiring John Nettles to break them apart.

Investigators stated that Hoyos ended up with bleeding lips and a clump of pulled out hair that was hanging off of her duty uniform. The following day Hoyos requested a stalking injunction against Edenia Nettles.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, John Nettles received a written reprimand in 2012 when he accidentally shot off half of a fellow officer’s index finger during a drug raid.

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