MUG SHOT Tulsa woman arrested for cooking meth in a Walmart

Mug Shot Alisha Halfmoon

As if things aren’t hectic enough at your area Walmart during the holidays now we have to worry about a possible meth explosion thanks to 45-year-old Tulsa, Oklahoma woman Alisha Halfmoon!

In a move that even Breaking Bad’s Jessie Pinkman wouldn’t try, Halfmoon got her cook on at a local Walmart. No, I am not kidding on this one. She was in the store for 6 hours mixing various chemicals in a bottle trying to produce some meth. Security finally noticed that Halfmoon was acting like there was a full moon and called the cops.

So what did she have to say for herself when asked what in the heck she was thinking? Well…. She said she was too broke to buy the chemicals.

According to one of the officers on the scene, Halfmoon had just finished mixing sulfuric acid with starter fluid in a bottle. She and the possibly explosive mixture were taken out of the store immediately. Halfmoon later told authorities that she wasn’t very good at making meth.

I think the employees at this store are gonna need a pep talk. Hit it mustached manager guy:

Another responding officer wasn’t aware that the bottle he was handling was active and the chemicals contained within burned through said bottle and his glove. He was subsequently treated for chemical burns and is now okay.

Halfmoon was arrested just a month earlier in a smurf sting – smurfs are the peeps that go out and buy the required pseudoephedrine that are kept behind counters now. The pseudo is found in many cold and allergy medicines.