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STREET OUTLAWS Big Chief unveils new car Crowmod, Daddy Dave unveils Goliath 2.0

Ever since their recent accidents totaled their former custom racers, Street Outlaws stars Justin "Big Chief" Shearer and "Daddy Dave" Comstock have been teasing their new rides–and, earlier today, both were revealed at the Performance Racing Industry show in Indianapolis. Keep reading to see videos and photos of each! WARNING! If you are of the belief that cars can be too sexy, these are a little NSFWish. ;)

STREET OUTLAWS Big Chief, Daddy Dave unveiling new cars at PRI later this month

It's been a bad few months for stars of Discovery's Street Outlaws reality series: three of the show's stars and their custom cars have been involved in serious racing accidents. While all three drivers (Justin "Big Chief" Shearer, "Daddy Dave" Comstock, and Brian "Chucky Davis") have almost completely recovered from their accidents, the same cannot be said for their rides -- all three of which were totaled. Big Chief and Daddy Dave have been teasing their new cars for weeks now, and fans will finally get to see the finished products before the end of the month! Keep reading for all the details.

PHOTO Street Outlaws’ Daddy Dave visits Goliath after crash

It's been just over a week since Street Outlaws star Daddy Dave Comstock was seriously injured in a terrifying crash while driving Goliath, his nitrous-fed Chevy II, at Amarillo Dragway in Texas. David's wife Cassi has been updating fans on Daddy Dave's condition since the accident, but it was Daddy Dave who provided the latest update–on both himself and his car.

UPDATE Street Outlaws’ Daddy Dave returns to hospital after car crash

Street Outlaws star "Daddy Dave" Comstock is still recovering from the serious injuries he sustained after crashing his custom nitrous-fed Chevy II at Amarillo Dragway in Texas on Saturday night. Daddy Dave's wife, Cassi Comstock, has been updating Dave's Facebook fans on his condition, including a photo of him in the hospital. Earlier today, she revealed that Dave has since returned to the hospital after a "minor setback."

VIDEO Street Outlaws’ Daddy Dave crashes car Goliath at drag raceway, seriously injured

"Daddy Dave" Comstock, one of the stars of Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws reality series, was seriously injured after crashing his nitrous-fed Chevy II. Comstock's hot rod, known as "Goliath," crashed at Amarillo Dragway in Texas on Saturday night. Keep reading to watch a terrifying video of the crash, and to get an update on Daddy Dave's condition from his wife.