MTV to air “Catfish: The Reunion Show” Monday February 25

Catfish The TV Show MTV

MTV’s much talked about Catfish The TV Show was the highest rated new cable series on television 2012 and after a brief hiatus the series returns for it’s inaugural season finale Monday night at 11/10c. But, before Nev Schulman and Max Joseph bring us the final “What’s behind the virtual curtain” romance tale, MTV is giving everyone the chance to get completely caught up with an all-day marathon of the first ten episodes with additional never-before-seen footage as well as introductions by Nev and Max!

The marathon begins at noon EST and runs all the way to 10pm when Teen Mom 2 Season 4 premieres. Catfish will then return for an all-new episode at 11/10c which MTV describes this way:

In the season finale, lovesick Mike has met Felicia on a dating website and has dreams of meeting his paramour in person. Unfortunately, when they finally make plans to meet, Felicia stands Mike up. Mike really cares about Felicia but is now nervous that she is keeping secrets and wonders if he should move on.

And you know with all the crazy twists and turns we’ve seen this season that MTV must have saved a real humdinger for the finale! Here’s a sneak peek at the first chapter of the Catfish season finale episode with Mike and Felicia:

Still not enough Catfish for you? Well how about a catch up special?

On the heels of the season one conclusion, MTV will air “Catfish: The Reunion Show” on Monday, February 25 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT. Hosted by SuChin Pak, Nev and Max, the reunion will bring viewers up to speed on where many of the couples from season one are today. Who stayed in contact? Who is still romantically involved? Who has remained friendly? Who can’t stand being in the same room? All will be revealed in the hour-long special that promises to be filled with dramatic and unexpected moments.

Here’s a photo from the “Catfish: The Reunion Special” featuring Sunny and Chelsea (Jamison) from Episode 1 shared by Nev on Facebook along with the caption “At the reunion taping. Yes, it’s happening. Be excited.”

Catfish The TV Show Reunion Special Sunny and Chelsea from Episode 1

Hmmm… I wonder if Sunny will be talking about her little run in with the law? (They both look great by the way!)

There is no word yet (aside from Sunny and Chelsea) who will be on the Catfish Reunion Show and who won’t. Who are you most interested in catching up on? I know my top 3:

3. Ebony – The cancer survivor from Atlanta who lied to Rod about being transgender. (Love this woman! At the end of her episode she said she was in a relationship with another woman – I’d love to know how she’s doing now.)

Catfish Mhissy

2. Mhissy – This is the vindictive and jealous girl who came out of her building in a tight red dress (above) and threw a flower down at the feet of Jasmine. It’s not that I necessarily want to know what’s up with Mhissy now, I just want to see more Mhissy!

1. Ace Applebees – Forget the “Catch Up Special,” I want to see this actual episode! (Don’t know who Ace Applebees is? Click here to get yourself educated!)

And in case you haven’t heard, yes MTV has renewed Catfish for a second season. What’s that? You’re currently in a ten-year relationship with a Victoria’s Secret model whom you’ve never met? You’re asking yourself the question, “How do I apply to be on Catfish?” Check out this virtual flyer and head over to and fill out your application now!

How to apply to be on Catfish The TV Show on MTV

OK – Gotta run. I need to call in and let my boss know I’m going to be sick tomorrow 🙂