Leighton Meester’s drug smuggler mom Constance Meester threatened to kill Laurel Wiig

Gossip Girl and The Roomate‘s sexy Leighton Meester’s background is a lot more dramatic and rooted in crime than most starlets, than most people, and now former friend Laurel Wiig is alleging more drama and chaos from Leighton’s troubled mom Constance Haas Meester.

Leighton was born in a halfway house Connie was moved into in 1986 while she was serving time in a Texas prison for trafficking marijuana from Jamaica to the U.S.  Connie was involved in a drug ring that included Leighton’s father Doug, and Connie’s father and sister (Leighton’s grandfather and aunt.) They were busted for smuggling 1,200 lbs. of weed, and reportedly netted $250 million a year.

Since then Connie has been working in real estate, told US Weekly she was a screenwriter, and in 2008 claimed to be working on a memoir about her crazy past. She also manages her starlet daughter’s increasingly successful career.

Now Radar Online has documents from Leighton’s former friend Laurel Wiig claiming that Connie still isn’t exactly an angel. Wiig was granted a restraining order against Constance Haas Meester because she allegedly threatened to “hunt down” and kill Wiig. Wiig also calls Constance an “addict,” in the documents.

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