Top Four normal-ish Lady Gaga outfits

Lady Gaga usually either runs around in her underwear, like a deli display case, or in some sort of contraption not shaped for a human (or any mammal or creature walking this earth.) It’s often entertaining, but rarely functional.

But recently Gaga has is doing the most shocking thing of all, dressing in clothes that real human women could wear; fancy, flamboyant, human women, but real biological women all the same. She’s still unleashing with the interesting colors and designs (like the gorgeous hounds-tooth-to-toe number that evoked Glenn Close’s Cruella DeVille,) but she’s also been spotted out in a little black dress.

Here are a few of Gaga’s recent shockers. When you’ve accepted awards in meat dresses, arrived to award shows in eggs, and fallen down countless times in foot-high heel-less shoes, sometimes you need to just wear a nice lace dress with some pearls, or a black black dress with gloves and an understated clutch.

#4. My Fair Lacy Gaga

With the flared hips, wacky hat, and lace overkill, this number isn’t exactly something you’ll see on the street every day, but it is a pretty straight-forward dress with a little black ribbon belt. Gaga wore this August 18, 2011 at MTV’s Total Request Live (when did that come back on?)

Lady Gaga Lace dress Total request live

#3. Beehive Yourself

Gaga arrived at a recording studio in West Hollywood August 12, 2011 with a really simple black dress, big black sunglasses, large sparkly earrings and a little baby beehive, channeling Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and possibly even Amy Winehouse. She emerged ten hours later looking a little less put together.


#2. Versace is What You Get

With a plain clutch, straight hair, and black sunglasses, Gaga looked like a chic lady going out to dinner when she arrived at a recording studio on Melrose Avenue August 11, 2011 in this Versace dress that features a purple tulip inside of an abstract yellow human figure.

Lady Gaga classy dress Versace

#1. Hounds-tooth-to-toe

My favorite Lady Gaga Real Lady outfit is one I would personally kill to wear myself. It’s a complete hounds tooth pattern outfit including her hat, sunglasses, clutch and shoes designed by Ferragamo. She wore this number to a taping of The View where she performed “You and I” on a houndstooth piano, and discussed how much Amy Winehouse’s death affected her.

In other Gaga News, she recently debuted a music video for “You and I,” recorded a duet with Cher called “The Greatest Thing”, and will be attempting to shock and amaze all of us with her 2011 VMA opening act Sunday Night.

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