LISTEN Lady Gaga’s new single “The Edge Of Glory” with Clarence Clemons

Cover art for the Lady Gaga single The Edge Of Glory

The promotional blitz leading up to the release of Lady Gaga’s second studio album Born This Way continues as the pop songstress put out a new single from the album just moments ago. “The Edge Of Glory” is a driving ballad reportedly inspired by the passing of Gaga’s grandfather and is about that last moment of life before death.

Check it out:

The song features some saxophone work by Bruce Springsteen sideman and E. Street Band member Clarence Clemons, but you have to wait for it. The Big Man’s notes kick in just after the 3:00 mark and can be heard throughout the rest of the track.

Man – Lady Gaga and Clarence Clemons and I’m still disappointed? I’m beginning to think the problem isn’t with Lady Gaga but me. Is this a great, catchy song and I’m just not hearing it? Help me out! My Little Monster status is in serious jeopardy!