90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Corey & Evelin respond to negative backlash

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin and Corey respond to negativity and the haters

TLC’s 90 Day Fiance franchise has become an unprecedented huge success, due in large part to the great story telling by show producers and editors. Unfortunately for some cast members, great stories often require great villains.

On the inaugural season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, there is no greater villain that Evelin. On screen she is portrayed as a poor sex crazed Ecuadorian who has found a gullible Mormon American sugar daddy in the form of Corey. Add in Evelin’s seemingly cold demeanor, and the end result is a tidal wave of negativity that even Evelin and Corey are having difficulty trying to surf.

Both Evelin and Corey have responded to the negativity at length on Instagram, and I will include their posts at the bottom of this post. First, I wanted to try to temper the negativity a bit myself, because I truly believe that Evelin is the victim of some rather harsh editing.

I did an extensive profile on the couple prior to the premiere episode, and I put hours and hours into researching both Evelin and Corey online. Every indication was that the couple was extremely happy together, and they were essentially living out a happily ever after that could easily be from a feel-good Hollywood romance blockbuster. Actually, here is my overly optimistic hopes for their story line this season:

Obviously, I have no idea how Corey and Evelin’s story will play out on the show, but I seriously hope it is a feel-good story that has the amazing happy ending that it seems like they have had in real life! I have a small #couplecrush on them already, and I’d hate to find out they’re just a big ol ? show. Actually, that would still be fun…


Let me just quickly tackle the big four complaints about Evelin, and then I will share their comments in their own defense.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think all that we’ve been told on the show is that Evelin hooked up with an ex while she and Corey were on a break, and that she had sex with a mutual friend prior to meeting Corey? Once again, I think producers get a lot of credit here for telling this story in a way that made it seem much worse than it was.

It sounds like Corey agreed not to bring up the ex boyfriend thing on camera, and that is why Evelin got so emotional when he did. In his reactions to the negativity, Corey apologizes repeatedly for mentioning it on screen.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin


Evelin is INCREDIBLY straight forward and honest, and I can understand how that comes across as cold. I actually found it refreshing to see someone being so brutally honest! Whether it was telling Corey’s parents the uncensored story of exactly what she had been told about Mormons, or her unambiguous take on marriage and having kids — the end result is that everyone knows where they stand with Evelin!

When Corey returned to Ecuador and Evelin stated that she was half glad he was back, and half sad to not be alone any more, that came across as her 100% sincere take, un-jaded by any sort of romanticism or pressure from being on camera and wanting to say the right thing. (It was COMPLETELY different than the shady 55% comment by Azan, for example.)

In summary, I feel that Evelin was VERY CLEAR about EXACTLY what she wanted from her relationship with Corey. Whenever he would try to change her mind, she would shut him down. Whenever he would complain about what she wanted, she would very flatly remind him that he was free to leave. She didn’t pull any sort of bulls**t trying to get him to remain in a situation he didn’t want. There were no games being played.

I believe Evelin would like nothing more than to share her life with Corey: running their beachside cocktail bar together, surfing together, making jiggy jiggy together… But, if Corey wants to try to pressure her into doing something she doesn’t want to do, she will be the first to hand him a bus ticket back to wherever the nearest airport is.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin and Corey beach bar


As far as what fans have seen on screen, I think this is clearly the most justifiable reason to not like Evelin. She has clearly been portrayed as someone who has received A LOT of money from Corey, yet remains ungrateful. If there is a The Other Way drinking games out there, it should certinly include “Corey says $40,000” as a reason to drink. And that scene where Evelin asked for money before flying back to Ecuador, and Corey pulled over to get cash out of an ATM — that was fan outrage gold!

So what is my defense of Evelin here? For one thing, that $40,000 includes money to renovate the cocktail bar that Corey and Evelin have always planned to run together. Plus, Corey bought three beachfront lots in Engabao back in 2015, and I am guessing that was part of the $40,000 figure. As we revealed in our profile post on Evelin and Corey, his plan was to maybe one day build a beach house.

And the ATM scene? I can guarantee you that was 90% producers! I believe that they conveyed to Corey and Evelin early on that they wanted to emphasize the money angle in their story, and they came up with the ATM scene.

My guess is that Evelin was once again 100% straightforward with Corey about her trip to the United States, and she probably told him that she couldn’t make the trip unless he paid for it. Once again, that can come off as selfish and greedy, but I think with Evelin it was just completely honest. She couldn’t afford the trip and wasn’t asking to make the trip. (Of course, that is a lot of conjecture on my part, but I think even Evelin’s detractors would have to concede that it seems right.)

I simply find it hard to believe that Evelin asks for handouts.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Corey and Evelin throwback


This is one complaint that can’t be blamed on producers or editing. As far as I can tell, this whole rumor started thanks to a blurry screen cap of someone stating that the two were married years ago, combined with an old photo of Corey wearing his promise ring. That’s it.

I thoroughly vetted this couple when I did my profile post on them, and there is absolutely no evidence that they were married years ago — or at all. I laid out the complete timeline of their relationship, which started when the couple first met back in 2014. Everything the couple has stated on screen and online lines up with what I was able to find out. Could they have secretly married and I missed it? Of course! BUT, I have seen ZERO actual evidence that they are married, and I have zero reason to suspect they are lying.

Ugh. I promised myself I wouldn’t ramble in this post and that I would focus on Corey’s and Evelin’s statements only. I just feel like the negativity Evelin is receiving is WAY out of proportion to what she deserves. I haven’t had as much of an issue with previous franchise villains. 😉

Without further ado, here are Evelin and Corey’s statements — including a couple interactions from the comments. I will also add a post from their mutual friend Raul, who was the one who revealed that he hooked up with Evelin before she met Corey.

NOTE: I did do some slight editing with Evelin’s post for spelling and grammar because I didn’t want anything to get lost in translation.



Imagine people telling you everyday that you are ugly and not worthy of your man’s love. That your hair, your body, your smile, your clothes — everything is just wrong and that he doesn’t deserve you. I’m pretty sure the same people saying all those things are the same people that wouldn’t be able to handle it if someone said those things to them.

I’m so freaking in love with myself, everything in me. Women always focus on their flaws — I’d rather focus on my goods. We should be lifting each other up, not tearing us apart.

I know some of you use @coreyrathgeber_90 as your “reason” to say all that crap, but it’s not. He is not your reason to be horrible, you are just horrible inside for no reason. My relationship with him is great, and as you can tell, we have nothing but love for each other and there’s no hard feelings or disrespect. It’s shocking to see the bullies who are moms, with stupid positive bios, “happy wives” — you are all a joke if you are an Internet bully. Get a life and let me live mine.

Call me a narcissist, I don’t mind it. I’d rather be so in love with myself than in desperate need of getting people’s approval. It is what it is. Please go get a life. And by the way, the people writing stuff in Spanish on Corey’s post…get a clue; he does not understand it!! #90dayfiancetheotherway #90dayfiance


Hello! It’s sad people still shame women for owning and enjoying their sexuality. I have never been a woman to have a lot of men, and now I read a lot of stupid people saying the most crazy things about me. In the end, the only one that knows is me.

I can only imagine what girls that have a lot of men think when they read your comments… How do they feel? Why are women so hard on women? Yes, it might be hard for you to get a date, but please don’t disrespect another woman.

I was so disappointed Corey brought out on TV something that I wasn’t proud of, something that happened on a break. I have never disrespected him, and this was the biggest hurt to my dignity somebody could have ever done to me, the biggest betrayal. The reason I said “you got so low” was because I couldn’t believe he put it out there for everyone to twist it how they wanted.

During the filming they always expected me to cry, but the only thing that broke me was that … how low it all got. Even after all the hate, the shaming, and much more, I come out of this stronger. Guess what? I own my sexuality and I’m not gonna be what you want me to be.

It took months for me to prepare for the last episode, and even now it’s still hard. Everyone in my town respects me, I was the Queen one year. I have never been with any of the men in my town or my country (you already know about Raul). I don’t need to prove anything to you, but here you all go … for the people filled with hate, this will not change your mind, but I don’t care.

And for Afterbuzz TV crap, tell those girls that I’ll never be with a “dominant guy” — not because they wouldn’t put up with me, but because I would never put up with a man telling me what to do and how to be. Stupid comment those girls made, bit#$%” with microphones. My girl friends’ husbands usually tell them what to wear, to not go out, with whom they can be friends, and much more controlling things. Yes, I’m proud to be dominant, to enjoy my sexuality, to enjoy my body, my spirit, to know what makes me happy and take it and enjoy it. I hope more women will seek for their own happiness instead of just making a man happy so they don’t leave them. You are enough to love yourself ❤

COMMENT: Good for you to feel that way. But, you should have been honest and up front when you and Cory got back together. Did you really think Raul wouldn’t tell him? I think you are a great person. But this could have been avoided. It broke my heart for both of you, Cory cause he found out from someone else and for you cause it was on TV. Keep your head up sweetie!

EVELIN: He knew it! He gave the info to the producers and that’s why they filmed. Remember in the episode I said that he told me love forgives everything, but then he just threw me under the 90 Day Fiance haters bus.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin and Corey update



I’m saddened that I have to write this. It’s wrong that Evelin is receiving so much hate. It’s a TV show for entertainment. In reality Evelin is a very loving, caring and sweet girl. She would never do anything to wrong me or to scam me. Anyone who knows her personally understands this. There is a reason I have been dating her for so long. I don’t think anyone on this earth would endure 5 years of a relationship if she wasn’t an awesome person. She’s beautiful inside and out. She has loved me equally. I wanted to do the TV show for fun, but I regret it due to all the disrespect she receives. It’s not okay. Grow up everyone.

I’m not sure how this upcoming episode will turn out, but I want everyone to know the argument and events taking place are 2 years ago and we have moved past that time. Over the course of our long relationship we have taken breaks. This episode tonight is talking about a time when we were on a break and not together. I just want to make that known because I have no idea how it will turn out.

I envy you @evelin_ecuador You are the worlds example of a strong women! Through all the negativity from jealous haters you keep your head up above everyone. You are beautiful inside and out and you own it! You keep rocking it like you do best! In the end it’s just people upset that you are doing it right and trying to bring you down with them. You understand the importance of loving yourself! Never lose sight of that. All women should love who they are. Too many women are self conscious about their appearance and look to bring down others instead of focusing on bringing themselves up. Keep strong Evelin, keep doing you and keep setting the awesome example that you are for everyone to see ❤️

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90 Day Fiance The Other Way Evelin and Corey

Evelin is beautiful in every aspect! Shes the most loving, caring and wonderful person! I have never loved someone more. I hope one day people do meet her in person so you can see exactly what I mean. She’s the most awesome individual. It’s sad she’s has to deal with all of this negativity. It’s wearing us both down and hurting both of us very much. People please understand she is a person too. Don’t be so hard on her.

I do want to address the episode. We were on a break during the argument. She did not cheat on me. I felt that way at the time, but Evelin never did anything wrong. It was my fault for bringing up the past. It should have not been brought up on national TV. We have moved long past that. It happened more than 2 years ago.

I made the huge mistake. I broke a promise to her and made her look terrible. I’m so sorry @evelin_ecuador I will always love and care for you forever, no matter what happens in our lives. Also, if you post any negative comments from here on out you will be blocked. Please respect or don’t say anything at all. You have been warned thanks.

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90 Day Fiance The Other Way Corey and Evelin spoilers


It’s always awesome to go out with this amazing couple. @evelin_ecuador is one of the sweetest girls, despite what the media says and @coreyrathgeber_90 is the kind of guy who will give you the shirt off of his back. Somehow, along the way, we all got caught in unnecessary drama. But you both know that I love you to the moon and back and I am sorry if I ever hurt either of you.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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