Joe Giudice trial date set for driver’s license forgery charges

Fake Joe Giudice New Jersey driver's license

A trial date has finally been set for The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice’s forgery case stemming from charges that “Juicy” Joe used his brother’s identification to fraudulently obtain a New Jersey driver’s license in June of 2010. (Joe’s license had been suspended due to a DUI arrest.) After being delayed numerous times, the latest because Joe’s attorney Miles Feinstein was representing another man charged with murder, it was determined yesterday that Joe’s case will go to trial November 19.

Joe Giudice has reportedly been offered several plea deals in the case, but Feinstein says his client turned them down because prosecutors were asking for substantially more jail time than in other similar cases because of Joe’s celebrity status.

Joe not only faces forgery charges, which can carry up to an 18-month jail sentence, but he is also facing charges of wrongfully using identifying information of another (a big no-no in this day and age of homeland security crackdowns!), which can carry a potentially much steeper penalty with up to ten years behind bars.

As you probably know, Joe Giudice and wife Teresa Giudice are also currently facing federal bank and bankruptcy fraud charges that could put them in prison for up to fifty years. And it should also be pointed out that Joe is still technically a citizen of Italy and could face deportation.

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