PHOTOS The Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and fiance Roberto Martinez in L.A.

Ali Fedotowsky and fiance Roberto Martinez

Ali Fedotowsky surprised the world when she bucked Reality Steve’s prediction that she would choose no one during The Bachelorette season finale and picked former baseball player and current insurance salesman Roberto Martinez from South Carolina to be her fiance!

Ali had been quite vocal during the season about Roberto being a sexy, sexy man and she showed off her dapper dude with pride last night in Los Angeles as the happy couple was able to finally share their relationship with the world after weeks and weeks of secrecy and seclusion.

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez in Los Angeles

As proud as she was of her new beau, Ali seemed just as proud of her big ol’ engagement ring! She flashed it numerous times to the paparazzi, who couldn’t quite seem to get a good shot of it. Here is a collage of the best of the best that I could find:

Multiple photos of Ali Fedotowsky's engagement ring

I gotta hand it to Ali – she wound up with Roberto and Chris Lambton at the end and neither of those guys seemed like complete douchebags! They seemed intelligent, good-hearted and sincere in their affection for Ali. Ali herself came off throughout the season as genuinely fun-loving, intelligent and sexy without being too generically super sexy. In other words, Roberto and Ali don’t appear to be Jake and Vienna so maybe they will be able to go a few months without an atomic meltdown on national television. Good luck you two!

A few more photos of Ali Fedotowsky and her new fiance Roberto Martinez out and about in Los Angeles August 2, 2010:

Ali and Roberto in Los Angeles

Roberto Martinez and Ali Fedotowsky seem quite affectionate in LA August 2, 2010

Ali Fedotowsky's engagement ring from Roberto Martinez

Photos: FAME Pictures