That Men’s Warehouse guy ain’t gonna like the way he got fired, I guarantee it!

You're going to like the way youlook.-I-guarantee-it

Before “the most interesting man in the world” started dominating the TV advertising landscape, the original gravelly-voiced, bearded pitch man superstar was Men’s Warehouse founder and (former) executive chairman George Zimmer.

Zimmer is known for his catch phrase, “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.” Speaking of guarantees, I can assure you that Zimmer ain’t gonna like the way the company’s board of directors just unceremoniously fired him!

In what appears to be a nasty business breakup, the company announced the decision to send Zimmer and his suit out the door in a short statement that included, “The board expects to discuss with Mr. Zimmer the extent, if any, and terms of his ongoing relationship with the company.”

Zimmer, who earned nearly $2 million last year, told CNBC:

“Over the past several months I have expressed my concerns to the Board about the direction the company is currently heading. Instead of fostering the kind of dialogue in the Boardroom that has in part contributed to our success, the Board has inappropriately chosen to silence my concerns through termination as an executive officer.”

The former substitute school teacher grew Men’s Wearhouse from a single store in Houston, Texas that used a cigar box as a cash register into one of the nation’s largest men’s specialty retailers. He was ousted shortly after the company announced a 25% gain in first-quarter earnings. They have now postponed their scheduled annual shareholders meeting.

Don’t feel too bad for Zimmer, he’s set to receive nearly $3 million in termination pay as well as $250,000 annually for the next 4 years under a deal made for his likeness and image in marketing efforts.

Feel bad for me man, I mean how am I going to make it through random daytime TV without these commercials?

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