Woman terminally ill with cancer gets dream wedding thanks to the kindness of others

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Thanks to friends, family, and a wedding planner with a big heart 35-year-old Jen Bulik was able to get the wedding of her dreams after being told she was terminally sick.

When she went to the doctor last December they originally thought she had pneumonia, but this June Jen fond out it was stage four lung cancer, and she only had four to six months to live. “When I heard that, I said, ‘Let’s get married’,” Jen told the local news. “Because I wanted to focus on life.”

Here’s her now-husband Jeff Lang proposing to her:

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Jen wanted a big, white fantasy wedding, but with limited funds and only weeks to plan, they decided to go for a small family barbecue instead. Jen had done a little Pinterest dreaming, and when wedding planner Erica Ota saw a Facebook posting asking for help with Jen’s dream wedding, she found Jen’s Pinterest board and went to work. She was able to raise over $52,000 and get over 40 vendors to participate. “As soon as I reached out with their story, people were so willing to help,” Ota said. There was a photo booth, a taco station and barbecue, a New Orleans-style jazz band, and floral arrangements exactly like the ones Jen Bulik pinned on Pinterest. The entire event was planned while she was in the hospital.

They got married in a park near her parent’s home, and the neighbors turned the street into a parade route. 125 guests attended, and Jen changed her outfit four times, but opted for a light green dress to say their vows. Bald from chemotherapy, she had a few different wigs on hand.

“I could never have done this with my health,” Jen Buliki told HuffPost. “But because of the generosity of others, we’re going to be able to focus on declaring our love for one another in a way we never dreamed possible.”

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