TEEN MOM Y&P Bar’s mom Shen quits the show after birthday fight, Ashley files a restraining order against her

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Shen Bar Ashley restraining order

MTV’s new Teen Mom Young & Pregnant series has a number of explosive characters, but perhaps none more so than Bar’s mom Shen. The outspoken grandmother-to-be has been the central story line for expectant young mom Ashley Jones, and their drama has apparently continued to escalate to the point that Shen has quit the show and Ashley has taken out a restraining order against her!

As dramatic as the baby shower scene was, it was Bar’s surprise 21st birthday party that led to the restraining order and Shen quitting the show. Piecing together Shen’s narrative from numerous posts on multiple social media platforms, the surprise birthday party took place on March 10. Shen and two of her other sons arrived at the party prior to Bar’s arrival. Ashley asked Shen to leave, and Shen refused. Ashley removed her shoes and attacked Shen, and during the attack, Ashley’s sister punched Shen. There was also apparently an altercation between one of Shen’s sons and security.

However, according to the restraining order applied for by Ashley six days later, things happened a bit differently:

Teen Mom Shen restraining order Ashley Jones

On March 10 [Shen] showed up to a surprise birthday party from my fiance uninvited with 2 other men. When asked to leave by security she refused and proceeded to verbally and physically attack me.

Ashley checked the “Yes” box for the question “Were you harmed or injured because of the harassment,” but unless there was an attachment, she did not provided details about her injury.

The restraining order was filed by Ashley two days after she sent a cease and desist letter to Shen asking her to stop talking about her on social media. According to court records, there is a hearing scheduled on April 5 for the restraining order.

As mentioned above, the “2 men” that accompanied Shen were her sons (Bar’s brothers), and Shen says she has text messages showing they were invited to the party. It’s unclear if Shen was invited by Ashley. HOWEVER, Shen alleges that MTV producers were well aware that she would be at the event, which seems backed up by the fact that there was security on site and that Shen had been equipped with a microphone — according to her.

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant hasn’t opted to break down the fourth wall like it’s older show siblings, but Shen took a wrecking ball to the fourth wall with a series of text messages she says are between her and show producers. First, here is an alleged text conversation in which producers let Shen know that she is about to receive a call from Bar in which he is going to reveal his plans to propose to Ashley. Shen is told that she should be happy about that and the fact that Ashley helped get Bar out of jail:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant fake Shen texts with producers
Is Teen Mom fake? Shen shares revealing texts with show producer

Shen also shared a series of conversations that she says are between her and her Teen Mom Young and Pregnant producer after the altercation at Bar’s surprise birthday party. I’m unsure of where the first exchange fits in chronologically, but the rest is in order with some missing entries (represented by ellipses).

PRODUCER: Hey/ just checking on you. Just saw this Text.

SHEN: I am fine who is the security company u contracted cause they jumped on one of my boys in the back going to his car we have witness. And the tried to hit his girl. we r fine my elbow is injured and my son that got jumped by security has injuries smh they were all over us but Ashley and her sister were the aggressors and security failed miserably and attacked my family based on what ashley has said and where we come from and looked but the alleged upper class people got to say and do whatever they wanted. Ashley and her sister is a liability for u but I will address the security issue because the camera at the venue and…

SHEN: …We will talk soon. But this went way too far . MTV needs to deal with it accordingly

PRODUCER: I just heard from crew that there was an incident in parking lot – we have swapped out our security for today.

PRODUCER: Let’s talk in a few obviously I wasn’t there when this happened so trying to sort it all out our intention was to break up fight not pick…

Later conversation:

PRODUCER: Hey glad you got back safely.

PRODUCER: Network is still reviewing incident / in the mean time please try to stay off social media – hoping we can get some positive attention for the show and people are loving…

SHEN: …it’s good like I said I will do it but i won’t lay down for long if she dont stop

PRODUCER: I’ve told everyone to stay off social media def not just you

PRODUCER: And right now network is still looking at footage and evaluating everyone

PRODUCER: Ok my goal is first to keep everyone safe and MTV wants to review the footage bc of course they don’t want cast fighting

SHEN: Right cause Ashley swung at me twice and the sister punched me Ashley said it on tv she was gonna hit me and she tried it and I know…

PRODUCER: everyone could come together and bury past beef. Right now it’s out of my hands my bosses are reviewing the footage and making a determination on whether we can continue telling their story or not

SHEN: …hostility on her part but clearly yall can’t control ashley and her family my family defended me I am almost 50 and injured health problems and was attacked by both of them . so yeah they may kill the show thing and truthfully they need to cause Ashley thinks she is a star and can do what she wants but good luck with that. She thinks she is your show and she will continue as long as she on camera cause she n it really that tough without the cameras cause she talks sh*t to my nieces my daughter but don’t pull up on no one she chose me a grandma cause that’s what cowards do

SHEN: As long as y’all allow it she will continue to turn violent we only protect ourselves we never attack

PRODUCER: Yeah no one can be violent on the show or else we can’t do the show so we’re reviewing footage and making an assessment based off that – but Keep me…

Meanwhile, Shen continues to defend herself in her own words and at length on Facebook and Instagram. Here are some examples of her social media posts over the last week or so — including one Facebook entry from her husband:

So u attack me on camera u terrorize me for 2 yrs and u file what? Well im sure the judge will find it interesting u and your sister attacked me and u file in a court cause your truth is out there okay and u think u can win? I didnt put u in jail nor file anything because my grand daughter . but okay u ready lets go. But be ready for your truth being posted because i have done nothing u threaten the well being of my daughter.

And this your sister from a preacher that Sucker punched during filming after offering us drinks and i said no thank u i dont drink 10 mins later im sitting in seat waiting for my son to surprise him me and his brothers were there and u come out like a bat out of hell swung twice on me and your sister punches me but i am a threat to u okay .

u dont get brownie points for jumping an injured grand mother cause i came to a surprise party for my son that MTV knew i was coming and micd me up when i got there. And I was attacked and then all hell broke loose. Walk away like i am . im done with the show u and all the lies and drama . u lied and sold your soul and didnt realize i keep everything to prove u lied period take it on the chin and walk away .

Bed time and why is MTV calling me i made it clear im done with the show no fame or money is worth my name and character. Good night loves

COMMENTER: Probably gonna try to convince you to stay off social media

They want me at the reunion i won’t go im done with this madness and they offered a contract i refused because i don’t care about being famous or the money my loyalty name character and family is more important.

And yes they want me off. But i exposed them too

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Shen quits the show

To sell out your mom and whole family for a show is pathetic. I will stand my ground to protect my name and now he has forced my hand. They said i can c my grand daughter whenever is a lie. because when she is mad about whatever i can’t even talk but he will say mom im in the bathroom mom im this and that he will find every reason not toput her on the phone and after a week or r of that i finally say so what r we back to me not talking to the baby he says mom she still feels some type of way ? But son we just had a sit down and supposedly put all this down on camera! So lets be clear i love my son but he has sold his soul and mother and family for a show. All those times we helped him thru all their sh*t and he is so under the fame spell and her that he will lie I’m so disappointed in him and now i truly wash my hands . he will have to learn the hard way because in the end when MTV is gone and she is attacking his character again i won’t be available to him period. He talked me into this whole thing i did it for him and he would allow me to be defamed for money and fame is not something any of us would do sell each other out for money or fame but bar did and will continue its sad .

like i said i quit this fake show cause they knew she threatened to hurt me and then really came for me at his bday party.

Shen’s husband: So What’s been on my mind. I come home last night and my wife said that her son and his girl friend lied on her on face book live saying that she was not attacked physically at her sons birthday party a few weeks ago in California. That is a blatant lie. I wasn’t there. I was here with our daughter in Las Vegas, because she has school. Her son was not there at the party yet and his girlfriend asked his mom Shenandoah Williams to leave when she came into the venue. My wife asked why, because it was her sons 21st birthday party and she wanted to be there for something so special. His girlfriend then proceded to take her shoes off and walked up on my wife. My wife asked her what are you doing are you trying to fight me? His girlfriend said “yes while calling her all kinds of bitches.” She swung on my wife twice and her sister hit my wife. My wife’s daughter was on the phone the whole time and has confirmed what happened. They are lying, straight up. We will see them in court. This is bigger than TV. F**k that show.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

You can follow all the Shen, Ashley, and Bar drama (right up until the birthday party fight apparently) with new episodes of Teen Mom Young and Pregnant airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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