EXCLUSIVE Meet Farrah Abraham’s gal pal Paola Quezada from Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham and friend Paola Quezada

Farrah Abraham made her grand MTV re-entrance in the final few moments of last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, and tonight viewers will get past the reintroductions and into Farrah’s life in Austin, Texas. In addition to getting reacquainted with Farrah’s family, we will also be introduced to Farrah’s friend Paola, a fun-loving and very easy on the eyes model and painter.

Paola Quezada modeling photo

We reached out to Paola (pronounced Pah-Hola — full name Paola Quezada) and she was kind enough to chat with us about Farrah and the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG.

When asked how she and Farrah first crossed paths, Paola says they met at an Austin night club. “I really enjoyed her positive energy,” Paola says, adding, “I was really drawn by her charisma. I knew she was special and had a lot going for her. I like people that are inspiring and driven like her.”

I brought up the fact that Farrah gets a lot of negative comments online and asked Paola what some of the biggest misconceptions about her are. “From things I have read online, it is that she is not a good mother,” Paola says.

“All I have seen is Farrah be a loving caring mother to Sophia. Farrah works so hard for her and always wants the best for her daughter. When I have visited Farrah, Sophia is always being loved and cared by Farrah. She does everything she can for her sweet girl. Sophia loves her mom and she is smart and very developed for her age thanks to Farrah. She is an amazing mother.”

Farrah Abraham's friend Paola modeling bikini photo

We couldn’t resist asking Paola what viewers can expect to see on this season of Teen mom OG, and Paola responded like a seasoned reality star veteran. “Lots of surprises!!!” she says. “You must watch Teen Mom OG on MTV to find out!!!!

One of the things that we do know, thanks to the preview trailer, is that there is one scene in which Paola and Farrah are painting together — which is something Paola is experienced at. She shared this photo of three of her paintings on Facebook back in July:

Paola Quezada paintings

“Off the walls and ready to be wrapped up,” Paola wrote, “my only 3 paintings for my future gallery that I will fill with more paintings one day. Hopefully I will start painting or be more inspired in my new apartment.”

Another thing viewers can expect to see is a scene in which Paola and Farrah take salsa dancing lessons! Dancer Jose Santoyo posted this photo making an amazing brunette salsa sandwich on Facebook late last month and captioned it with, “That’s a wrap! Just finished shooting an episode of Teen Mom with Farrah Abraham and Paola Quezada, giving them some salsa moves for the show. #topshelflatinentertainment.”

Farrah Abraham Paola Quezada salsa dancing

As far as personal information on Paola, the answer to what is sure to be the most commonly asked question is “No, Paola is not single.” She currently has a boyfriend, and judging from the joyful and romantic pictures on Instagram, they are quite happy together.

Here are some other facts about Paola followed by links to her social media accounts and Model Mayhem profile — but be forewarned, although Paola doesn’t do nude photoshoots, she is completely unafraid of bikinis with very little fabric! 😉

Education: Paola graduated from Texas State University in 2008 with a BFA in Communication Design.

Model Mayhem “About Me:”

HI Everyone my name is Paola Quezada kind of like saying Pah-Hola. I am a hard working model I love giving it my 100% in shoots. Very energetic love to engage with the camera and I am very reliable bc I care about your time and mine.

I am here to network and work with professional creative artists. NOT HERE TO FIND A RELATIONSHIP OR ANYTHING ELSE OF THAT MATTER!

I have hourly rates minimum 2hr work. I also have half day rates and all day rates. I require a 50% deposits to my Paypal Account I don’t like to waste my time. I am very professional I do my own makeup but if you believe you need a makeup artist we can totally do that.

I currently have my belly pierced but that’s about it.. No tattoos or other piercings…

Thanks for stopping by wishing to work with you real soon! Have a great day! Come back n visit! 🙂

Paola Quezada

Paola on Instagram: @paolaquezada
Paola on Twitter: @PaolaQ
Paola on Facebook: www.facebook.com/paolaqzd
Paola’s Model Mayhem profile: www.modelmayhem.com/506629

A huge thanks to Paola for talking with us, we can’t wait to see more of her (and Farrah!) on this season of Teen Mom OG airing Monday nights at 10/9c on MTV!

PHOTOS: Courtesy Paola Quezada. Credits: Pratik Naik (stairs), Don BG Photo (bikini), Julian Humphries (bottom photo).

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