TEEN MOM Shen shares EPIC throwback photo, is working on a series of books about her life

Teen Mom Shen throwback photo

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant grandma Shenandoah “Shen” Williams may have quit the show for good, but Bar’s outspoken mother plans to continue sharing her story by writing a series of autobiographical books! Shen talked about her memoir plans in the comments section of an EPIC throwback photo of herself (above) that could very easily be the cover photo for one of the volumes.

“This what I come from. I’ve grown so much since then,” Shen captioned the photo of herself kneeling with her oldest daughter in front of wall with “West Mob” graffiti on it. 28-30-year-old Shen is holding a plastic cup and a cigarette and sporting a jumpsuit with an Oakland Raiders color scheme. On her fingers are more rings than Saturn, and on her feet are a pair of men’s brown leather slippers.

“Don’t judge till u know my story,” Shen concluded her caption, along with two ?? fist punch emoji.

Shen revealed in the comments section of the photo that everyone’s time to judge her may be coming soon as Shen is working on her memoirs. “I think you should write a book ❤️,” one commenter wrote. “I am,” Shen revealed, adding that she is actually working on a “series of them.” She says that she plans to break her story down into the following five parts:

1. Her childhood and abuse

2. Her teen years living in group homes and foster care and being pregnant

3. Her young adult years dealing with domestic violence and getting out of it

4. Her adult years raising her own children and dozens of additional foster kids — all while living in the hood

5. Her recent years dealing with the “mental damage and growth” before eventually moving to Ohio with her husband and youngest daughter

On her Instagram account, Shen says that she is accepting email addresses for those interested in updates on the progress of her book. She says that the project is already well beyond the conceptual stage by revealing: “I have my publisher ready.”

Getting back to the throwback photo, some commenters took exception to it and criticized Shen for promoting a dangerous lifestyle. Shen responded:

i didn’t promote it hun wherei lived we were rocked to sleep by gunfire we lived in a neighborhood where it was all around i couldn’t afford any thing else at the time. What’s important is i got my kids out of there my daughter got accepted into college my oldest graduated at the top of his class bar went to school in london they r all great parents so for me to be from that i did good with my family they never went without and learned loyalty and love.

One thing seems certain, Shen DEFINITELY has an incredible story to tell! Some of the things she has revealed so far include having her car shot up while she was in it, being very seriously injured in a hit and run accident while walking across the street with her three-year-old child, and having an abortion at six months after being raped. And that is just from the list of things she has already talked about publicly!

Here is a brief summary of her life shared by Shen online some months ago:

So here’s my truth i grew up poor in the projects i grew up around gang violence i have been a good person and not so good person. I have been to juvenile hall group homes foster homes i have survived domestic violence rape and being snatched as a child i raised a brittle type one diabetic who was sick all the time. I raised my 5 kids plus many others. I fed communities. I have done wrong in my life but we learn and grow and move forward. I don’t know my real father and i came from a broken home but I made it never got on drugs or became a drunk I kept my kids together. When we went homeless my kids never looked like it or felt hunger ever. Now i am a gramma starting a business writing my books. I do have a temper and go to war when it comes to my babies. I have stood up against a whole state and won. I fight for what is right. Have i been in the streets yes! Did i do some things im not proud of yes! At the time the hand i was dealt i did what i had to. Did i make bad choices yes and i own that i don’t blame any one for how my life turned out I take that. But I loved my kids and never have they ever looked up and not seen me or heard my voice. If u want my truth im not ashamed i will give it. I have sold drugs i have worked 15 hr days. I have been bad and been good but i am who i say i am and my real never changes so if want to know anything just ask I’m not ashamed.

So what do you think? Would you be interested in reading Shen’s story? Assuming she had an editor to help out of course 😉 Also, do you guys have any potential title suggestions for Shen’s memoirs? Here are some of my silly ideas:

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Shenandoah Shen Williams book cover

Wit My Fine Ass: The Childhood Years

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant: The Teen Years

Shensurmountable Odds: The Young Adult Years

47 Kids and Counting: The Foster Mom Years

Straight Outta Teen Momton: The Latter Years

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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