Teen Mom Leah Messer addresses separation from Corey Simms and dating rumors

Teen Mom Leah Messer and her twin daughters

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer took to her Facebook page to address recent rumors that she is dating someone named Tyler, who is a close friend of Leah’s ex Corey Simms. Here’s is what she had to say:

Just sooo everyone knows Corey norrrr myself are dating anyone! Tyler is dating my best friend Kayla.. lmao. Just putting that out there!♥

Leah’s good friend (and administrator of her official Facebook fan page) Amy LaDawn finally confirmed that Leah Messer and Corey Simms are indeed separated:

Corey and Leah are technically “Still married” but yet “Legally Separated” & Neither are dating anyone despite the Mag articles.. Yes, Corey has seen a few people but they are not together anymore.. They are not worried about dating at this time. They are only concerned for their little girls well being and getting on there feet separately. See Leahs post below. She explains it too.. -Amy LaDawn

The “few people” Corey has seen include Amber Scaggs from Texas and possibly Jordan Humble, whose Facebook exchanges with Corey were read aloud by Leah in an emotional scene captured by MTV camera crews.

Leah hasn’t been as quick to rebound. She instead seems to be focusing all her energy on keeping her twin girls healthy and happy which included a trip to a specialist in Kentucky (healthy) and a vacation to Orlando, Florida (happy).

We realize it has been an extremely difficult time for Leah, Corey and her little girls, especially since she has not been able to comment directly on the break-up because of her contract with MTV. (As a result the rumors can just fly around unaddressed.) I think Leah did a wonderful job of putting the drama in perspective when she made this post a few days ago:

I just want to clear something up.. First off, I dont Agree with “TEAM COREY” && “TEAM LEAH” pages, I think their immature. I appreciate the support I really do and it means the world to me, but Theres is more than just Leah and Corey here.. There is Leah, Corey, ALIANNAH, and ALEEAH && this whole taking sides stuff my babies will see one day && I am their mother and its my job to protect them the best way I can.

Well put Leah!

UPDATE – WHOAH! Here’s a full statement from the Leah Messer camp that explains just about everything! From here to the end of the article is all text taken from Leah Messer’s Facebook page:

This is all just to kinda put everything to rest. There has been plenty of Magazine articles, online blogs, etc talking about “The Divorce” and rather than letting you read it everywhere else and getting everything all twisted we just wanna go ahead and say it ourselves so you have real and truthful information..Yes, we were avoiding commenting on the matter at this time but its been over a month and things are starting to get out of hand at this point..Plus if you search on Google you can find out in a matter of just seconds anyways.. So why continue to hide it. Right?!

Leahs Original Post:

“Just sooo everyone knows Corey norrrr myself are dating anyone! Tyler is dating my best friend Kayla.. lmao. Just putting that out there!♥”

Comment #1:

“.. but that doesnt mean Corey and I are getting back together! It just means we arent worried about dating. Our focus is on the girls.♥”

Comment #2:

“We are still married, for now..”

Comment #3:

“I guess were legally separated.”

So there you have it.. Yes “the rumors” are True. Leah and Corey are not together, Leah filled for Divorce in April. However at this time neither of them are dating anyone despite “In touchs” claims of Leah dating “Tyler”. Tyler is with Kayla (Leahs BFF) and has been for a year off and on. Leah has never been with him and we are yet to find out how anyone could even think that or get that idea..Yes, Corey was seeing a few girls back in April – Early May…But at this time (As far as we know) he isnt seeing either of them anymore. And Leah hasnt seen anyone either. They are both focusing on getting on their feet separately at this time and figuring out what is best for the Girls.

As for HOW or WHY everything happened. We cant really explain that nor do we want to place “Blame” on either party. But now that you know its True. Lets give it a rest.. all the comments about it are getting out of hand as well. I know you all will ask questions, youve been asking for weeks, we get that, but its out of the bag and we admitted it is in fact true. So can we please move forward without getting the 2nd degree? Its a personal matter anyways, yes we are on TV and yes we expected the question “Are you two really getting Divorced” which we just answered but the personal details are for us to know and you to find out. Hopefully in a truthful way.. not just rumors. But we arent playing the “blame game” on FB.

Have a great weekend ALL (: <3