TEEN MOM 3 Mackenzie McKee says Josh McKee told her ‘go kill yourself’

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Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is speaking out after she and estranged husband Josh McKee got into a heated argument on social media over allegations that she cheated on him.

You can check out the lengthy back and forth exchange here, but a quick summary of what went down is that a “friend” of Mackenzie’s named Quinn Tilley told Josh that Mackenzie cheated on him with a guy named Dylan. The Dirty reached out to Tilley who told them, “My friend Maddie told Josh Mackenzie cheated and I confirmed it when he asked as well… She cheated with a man named Dylan that she met at a bar when she told Josh she was going out tanning. Dylan just so happens to be Maddie’s ex-husband.”

Radar caught up with Mackenzie to get her side of the story after the fallout. She told them, “There was a guy I was texting, but there was no flirting or affair… I didn’t do that. His ex-wife found out and sent Josh a message. That is what he’s going off of. ”


Mackenzie confirmed that Josh is no longer living at home with her or their 3 kids — Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs — before adding, “I don’t know what Josh is going to do. He said he is going to divorce me several times. I hope he can calm down and talk to me.”

Mackenzie believes that the serious rift in their marriage began when she returned home with Broncs following a month stay in the NICU. “When I came home I had postpartum depression. That pushed Josh away. There was no support. He hated who I became. He said, ‘I don’t love you, you’re crazy.’ I was suicidal. He said, ‘Go kill yourself, but don’t do it in front of me and the kids,'” she explained.

Mackenzie then iterated that she never wanted to be with Dylan, who she says is in a serious relationship of his own.

Mackenzie has also been tweeting about the news:

While her tweet yesterday included the hashtag #myworldisback, in the article posted today she said that she wasn’t sure what’s going to happen with their relationship.

UPDATE – We spoke with Quinn about the situation and in addition to what she told The Dirty, she wanted to make sure that people know she and Josh have never slept together, which Mackenzie alleged during their Facebook feud. “We are p!ssed she’s saying that,” Quinn adds.