VIDEOS Lady Gaga plays new single for fans in New York from her SUV

Lady Gaga plays her new single for fans in New York July 22 2012

Lady Gaga set Twitter on fire earlier tonight after she greeted some fans from her SUV blaring what was reportedly a song from her brand new, as-yet-unnamed album!

As you might imagine, the fans were so excited to see Lady Gaga up close that they didn’t seem to realize what was playing and were talking (and at times yelling) over the music. (At one point a young woman hollers above the rest, “Gaga, listen to my CD!” which led to some fans referring to the single as “LTMCD.”) As a result, you can’t really tell much about the song.

That being said, here are three different versions, of which the last one has a brief moment where the song can seemingly be heard clearly as Gaga sings the word “music.”

Here are some excited tweets from those fortunate enough to see Gaga and hear the track first hand:

The diligent Little Monsters at have compiled a list of lyrics snippets and words they could make out from the song:

got me crazy
like this

And a few more photos taken at the scene gathered by