Watch the new Lady Gaga ‘Alejandro’ music video

Lady Gaga

After much anticipation, Lady Gaga’s newest music video for the song “Alejandro” has been released! Watch the full, 8-minute-plus short film now!

Yet another arty effort from the Queen of surrealist pop, Salvador Gagali! Gaga gives us a Road Warrior princess, a dance troupe of Moes from the Three Stooges with sculpted abs, momma panties S&M infirmary bed sex, a nun in red latex, a plastic Gwen Stefani-esque Mary and machine gun b00bies! I’m working on getting some screen captures and should have those up shortly!

And…. here they are! (Click the photos for super-sized Lady Gagallpaper images!)

Lady Gaga and her goggle from the Alejandro music video
Lady Gaga as Lady Gagoggle – a character right out of a Mad Max/Alice In Wonderland mash-up!

Lady Gaga in a little S&M action
L&G with a little S&M! (Lady Gaga rides a boy horsey)

Lady Gaga victimized by a male model's Goldmember
In addition to bullet-firing b00bies, Lady Gaga also borrowed the notion of a “goldmember” from Austin Powers!

Anyone else picking up on a “Madonna’s ‘Just Like a Prayer'” vibe here with all the sacred and profane Catholic imagery stuff?

Click on the thumbnails for larger images in the gallery. (You can click on the larger images in the gallery for wallpaper sized images!)