Did Missy Elliott steal the show during Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance?

Just when Katy Perry’s performance of “California Gurls” came to an end and we thought the excitement was over, Missy Elliott appeared from the shadows and dazzled us with the unexpected contrast at last night’s Super Bowl Halftime. Although both women are awesome in their own rights, some thought Katy’s attempt to dance to Missy’s rap was the low-point of her performance.

“Katy trying to keep up with Missy’s dancing most likely made my entire night,” one Twitter user said.

Another joked, “What you think you look like dancing in the club = Missy Elliott/What you actually look like dancing in the club = Katy Perry.”

A third viewer took it a bit farther by saying Katy’s moves looks like “two left feet, non-rhythm dancing.”

Personally, I don’t blame Katy. If Missy were trying to break it down in a football jersey, five-inch heels and no pants, I’m sure she’d look a little awkward, too. (Nah, who am I kidding? She’s Missy Elliott; I’m sure she’d kill it.) But, Katy was out of her comfort zone and it showed.

Had Katy left the stage after her own incredible performance and cleared the way for Missy to do her thing, we would have walked away remembering Katy as nothing other than the goddess that she is. As it is, despite the dancing sharks and giant robotic tiger that she literally roared on top of, the image of Katy doing her best to dance alongside the hip-hop legend is taking center-stage.

What do you think?

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