Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle engaged to Katie McLaughlin, admits to gaining 40 pounds


Photo: Flynet Pictures

Subway’s Jared Fogle proposed to teacher Katie McLaughlin in November, People reports (via PopEater.) 32-year-old Fogle and 30-year-old McLaughlin have been dating for a year, and Fogle gushed about how “wonderful, caring, and supportive” she is.

It’s been about a month since Jared Fogle resurfaced at an airport looking a little heftier than usual (see above pic), which isn’t good for Subway, who still pastes his face next their lower calorie and fat options. Jared rose to fame and fortune in 2000, when Subway learned that he had lost 245 lbs by walking a lot and eating a 6 in. turkey sub for lunch and a footlong veggie sub for dinner every day. Oddly enough, Subway went to great lengths to track down Jared after a friend used his story anonymously in the college newspaper. Jared should have been sending out daily emails to everyone at Subway headquarters, but instead he was some anonymous college student just trying to be healthy while still eating fast food.

In the recent People article, Jared does admit that he’s recently gained about 40 lb. but calls it a “hiccup” and chalks it up to not exercises enough and not watching what he eats. He does have a major incentive to slim down again by the summer, that’s when he and Katie McLaughlin are planning their wedding.

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