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Rachel Bloom's baby 2

CELEBITCHYHappiness and a huge sigh of relief for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend creator & star Rachel Bloom, who gave birth to her first child in a New York City hospital earlier this week (& fortunately with her husband by her side). So far, all we know for sure about Rachel Bloom’s baby is that the little one is healthy; nowadays, that’s more than enough knowledge

REALITY TEARHONJ star Teresa Giudice says her father Giacinto (aka “Nonno”) is in need of her fans’ “extra prayers, good vibes, love,” as he appears to be in poor health

GO FUG YOURSELFReturning to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for a moment: Adam Schlesinger, who wrote or co-wrote every song on the show, died of coronavirus complications on Wednesday. Adam was also the frontman for Fountains of Wayne, *and* wrote the eponymous song for Tom Hanks’ 1996 directorial debut That Thing You Do RIP to a legend

VOXRemember years ago — decades, even — when Donald Trump was impeached? Well, it turns out that all the way back then a professor who testified during the impeachment hearings predicted exactly how Trump would respond to individual US states during the coronavirus pandemic

JEZEBELOf course none of Jessica Simpson’s exes want to read her memoir; she’s dated some true jerks who did true jerk things to her and would rather not be confronted with Simpson’s perspective of those things

LAINEY GOSSIPI am a little bit disappointed to discover I’m not the first person to think that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes look like zombies on this pap walk. But that won’t stop me from repeating it, because they do, and their glacially slow pace is only half the reason

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe Pennsylvania Department of Labor is now investigating Kate Gosselin after John accused her of letting the four kids in her custody to film a Kate Plus 8 special without work permits or John’s permission

DLISTEDThe Top Gun and A Quiet Place sequels are the latest major movies to have their release dates pushed way back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Silver lining, though: I now have six more months to insist that the latter should rightly be called A Quiet Place Part II: Inside Voices

THE BLASTHonestly, I would have thought some of Kanye’s high school artwork would appraise for more than $20,000 (and that’s with TV cameras rolling and everything)

THE BLEMISHFor your future quarantine enjoyment: “Rick and Morty Is Coming Back, Bitches!”

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