Steven Seagal scandal history: Nine women claimed sexual harassment in 1998, including Jenny McCarthy!

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Thanks to Kayden Nguyen (and other wronged women coming out of the woodwork), “Lawman” Steven Seagal is being outed as a skeevy perpetrator of sexual harassment, but the odd thing is Steven Seagal has been outed for this type of thing before: 12 years ago, by Jenny McCarthy and at least nine other women!

How quickly we all forget and then give Steven a reality show.

Here’s the dish: Jenny McCarthy spoke to Movieline magazine in 1998 (via Crimesider) about when she went to a casting call for “Under Siege 2.” It turns out the former Playmate was the one under siege because the minute she walked in the door of Seagal’s office the action star demanded that she strip down. McCarthy is edgy and sexy, but she also self respect so she ran out of his office screaming “Rent my Playboy video, you a*****e!”

When Hugh Hefner found out, he probably gave Seagal the side-eye just like he’s done for Jesse James and Tiger. Hef knows that’s not how to get a girl to take her clothes off. Hef also knows how to have consenting multiple girlfriends (which involves being old, setting curfews, paying them, and giving them a jumping point for a reality show or burlesque career), but he also knows it’s no good to cheat on a monogamous relationship (side-eye to Larry King).

Not only did Steven Seagal wrong MTV and Playboy‘s homegirl Jenny McCarthy in 1998 a whopping nine women took to Penthouse magazine to detail how the “Shadow Man” sexually harassed them.

That’s not all! In 2001 Patricia Nichols sued Seagal for “inappropriate comments and actions toward her” while she worked with him on a recording project.

McCarthy is currently declining comment about the situation. Seagal has been fired from his “Lawman” series.

Click here to see photos of the woman currently suing Seagal, Kayden Nguyen, and click here to watch her appearance on the Tyra Banks show. You can read more about Kayden’s lawsuit here.