Steve Phillips fired from ESPN

Steve Phillips has been fired by ESPN

It appears that ESPN doesn’t stand for “Exhalting Steve Phillips’ Naughtiness.” The sports network has reportedly fired the sack-hopping analyst after details of his affair with 22-year-old ESPN analyst Brooke Hundley made headlines last week. As is often the case with hard news these days, the source of the information is twitter – more specifically this tweet from ESPN public relations guy Mike Soltys:

Steve Phillips fired on Twitter?

“Steve Phillips is no longer working for ESPN. His ability to be an effective rep of ESPN has been significantly & irreparably damaged.”

That makes perfect sense given that Phillips is a baseball analyst and because of his sexual indiscretions he wouldn’t be able to use any of the following baseball terms without drawing a snicker from viewers:

first base, second base, third base
ball inside
coming around to score

The timing was perfect for ESPN. They tweet that Steve Phillips has been let go while the Yankees are battling the Angels in game six of the American League Championship Series! Well played.

Steve Phillips needs to get a job with Letterman’s Worldwide Pants! They seem to be a little more tolerable of college-aged employee boinking.

In other Steve Phillips news, The New York Daily News tracked down one of Steve’s former mistresses in Long Island Friday. In 1998 Rosa Rodriguez was working in the New York Mets’ Florida office when she had a fling with Phillips, who was the General Manager of the Mets at the time. She later brought a sexual harassment suit against the organization and Steve Philanderips later admitted to cheating on his wife Marni with Rosa and other women. Anyway, The Daily News reports that Miss Rodriguez was in good spirits and not opposed to having her picture taken, saying before she drove off, “Just make sure the photos are good.”

Perhaps that is what Brooke Hundley has to look forward to 11 years from now.

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