Stalker arrested after hurling pubic hair filled razor at Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman's stalker Kathleen Thurston

Like many women across the globe, 47-year-old Kathleen Thurston loves her some Hugh Jackman. Thurston’s Hugh-thirst is totally understandable, but the means in which she went about expressing it totally wasn’t.

Jackman, a native Australian but longtime New York City resident, was working out at Gotham Gym early Saturday morning when Thurston bushwhacked the guy with her bush whacker. She burst into the gym while Hugh was getting buff for his upcoming Wolverine pic and hurled an electric razor filled with her own pubic hair in the direction of his face.

Jackman tried to defuse the situation but was understandably frightened when she went for the razor which was tucked in her pants. Police stated that Jackman worried it might have been a gun or a knife. Security grabbed the woman and escorted her out of the building. As she exited she is said to have screamed her love for Jackman.

According to CBS New York, Thurston had confronted Jackman outside the gym before the incident where she made the same proclamations of love and asked if the already happily married man and father would marry her.

What makes all of this truly troubling is that Jackman informed police, after the gym run in, that he had noticed Thurston outside his daughters’ elementary school on a prior occasion. Jackman is a grown man who can handle his own, but when the situation starts to involve his children it’s gone way too far. Jackman concurred.

“I suppose for me, the primary concern is my family, obviously,” Jackman said. Instead of outright anger, the actor displayed a calm and understanding demeanor that’s part of what endears him to so many. “Here’s a woman who obviously needs help so I just hope she gets the help she needs,” he added.

Jackman was uninjured while Thurston was arrested a few blocks away and charged with stalking in the fourth degree.

Hugh tries to live as normal a life for his kids as possible, often not avoiding the cameras that often photograph him during errands with his family. A local resident stated, “He always walks by with the kids. He just wants to be like everyone, you know? He wants to live a life just like we all do.”

Image: CBS New York / Gotham Gym Facebook