Snooki pulls a Hailey Glassman; makes love to a potted tree

Snooki makes love to a potted treeIt seems so long ago, but just a couple of years back we were introduced to reality dad Jon Gosselin’s rebound girlfriend Hailey Glassman, and this photo surfaced of his new love passed out on a potted plant.

Now Snooki, who is deep in the bowels of Seaside Heights, a particularly meaningless and chaotic world, has also been intimate with potted vegetation while inebriated (“potted” is the key word here, most drunk people have found solace in somebody’s expertly pruned shrubs at some point in their party career.)

The Jersey Shore world appears to be imploding.There’s been constant fighting, both Vinny and The Situation have stormed out (with only the Situation returning,) and Snooki has definitely not been sticking to her low-alcohol diet plan. Last weekend she not only got so shit-faced that she couldn’t walk, but she also channeled Hailey Glassman’s iconic photo when she stumbled into a a potted tree, and proceeded to dance / make love to it. TMZ has the video.

If Jersey Shore ever gets cancelled, there’s still Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.