PHOTOS: The Situation has himself a hair situation

Aug. 05, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - ,MIKE''THE SITUATION''SORRENTINO.leaving Seaside Height beach to go to.Los Angeles,Calif for award show 8-5-10. 2010. © Red Carpet Pictures

Jersey Shore Season 2 has exploded onto the scene managing to accomplish the seemingly impossible task of following up succesfully on the reality-genre groundbreaking first run.  One of the most recognizable faces for the show is Mike Sorrentino, A.K.A. The Situation.  His recognizable face recently received a noticeable change in the form of a Douche Bagazine worthy hairdo.

What exactly is that supposed to be on the side of Situation’s face anyway?  It looks to me like a helmet logo for an Arena Football team or a really bad truck window homage to the American flag that you see south of the Mason-Dixon line!  Maybe his six pack told his hair that it needed to represent and hold its own in the whole The Situation package.  Who knows?

But this profile was not all friends.  There is the whole other side of Mike’s dome-rug that has to be dealt with.  Here is the other side, though in this shot it’s a little more difficult to see what he was going for.

The Situation's new haircut

It appears to be some kind of cross up front there and what’s engraved behind it is anybody’s guess.  So what do you think of the new do?  And what the heck is that engraved on his head in the second photo behind the cross?  America wants to know! 

As always I would like to drop a few name suggestion for the new do:

The More You Know (props to dlisted)
The Stars and Jersey Shore Bars
The Star Crossed Lover
The Snipuation
Five Bucks at Santino’s House of Style

Top Photo: ZumaPress
Bottom Photo: BIW/Fame Pictures