PHOTOS Is Kitten Kay-Sera living ‘Pretty in Pink’ or ‘Pepto Abysmal?’

Kitten Kay-Sera and her pooch are pretty in pink

46-year-old Kitten Kay-Sera of Los Angeles is obsessed with the color pink, and I don’t mean obsessed in the same sense as your Aunt Lily is “obsessed” with dolphins. No, Kitten has a serious case of the pink eye, refusing to wear any other color for over 25 years and surrounding herself with the hue including pink walls, pink carpet, pink computer and even a pink dog. And just like pink eye, Kitten seems to be quite contagious – popping up on red (bleh) carpets, commericals and all kinds of television shows, including “Off The Leash” Lifetime TV, “EXTRA” NBC, “Access Hollywood” NBC, “The Dog Whisperer” NGC, “Totally Obsessed” VH1, “Reality Chat” TV Guide, “Open Call” TV Guide, “Blind Date”, “Extreme Hollywood” E! Network, “Groomer Has It” Animal Planet , and Dr. Phil! supports anyone with an affinity for pink, and having a name like Kitten Kay-Sera is just an added bonus! Here are a number of pictures of the color-smitten Kitten immersed in all things pink, with a little theme music to play while you look them over. (Click the thumbnails to see large rimages in the gallery – you’ll have to right click and open in a new tab or window if you want the music to keep playing though.)

Photos: Barcroft / Fame Pictures

The “Pink Lady,” as she’s now known, says her case of Pinky and the Brain stems from a natural affinity for the shade, which makes her feel “lovely and luxurious” and happy. And in case there are any men out there who could exist in Kitten’s pink reality without ther bowels freezing up (Anyone out there watch Northern Exposure and remember the episode with Shelly and Holling and the pink bathroom?) Kitten is single and ready to mingle, but she will only date a man who loves their red mixed with equal parts white.

And for those men who might be thinking that living pretty in pink wouldn’t be such a bad thing, here are some videos of Kitten from various sources that should give you better insight into this pinkalicious princess:

You can keep up with Kitten and all her pinkscapades through her myspace page at

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My top 5 favorite “Pink” songs:
(Artist names excluded)

5. Pink Pedal Pushers – Carl Perkins

Great rock-a-billy from the “Not-so-pretty Elvis” Carl Perkins recorded in the womb of Rock and Roll, Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee.

4. The Pink Panther Theme Song – Henry Mancini

A great melody and sultry horns drive this funky and smooth jazz tune from Henry Mancini. The song is so great that the cartoons never needed a spoken word.

3. Pink Cadillac – Bruce Springsteen

One of Bruce’s haunting demos from the Nebraska sessions, he revved it up and juiced it with exuberant joy. The song was a B-side to “Dancing in the Dark” but Bruce was so lightening hot at the time, the song made it into the Top Ten.

2. Pink Moon – Nick Drake

Just like most every Nick Drake song, “Pink Moon” is a beautifully haunted recording from a troubled soul. Featured in a Volkswagen commercial in the 1990s, the song re-invigorated interest in the unbelievably talented singer-sogwriter who tragically died of an overdose of antidepressants in 1974. (If you like this song, make sure you get the entire album with the same name.)

1. Little Pink Houses – John Mellancamp

I quote this song all the time! Whenever confronted by the oppression of someone’s eccentricities I always think of the lyrics of this song and it reminds me that this is America and if you’ve worked hard enough and earned it, by golly you can paint your house pink if you want to! Little pink houses for you and me!!

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