Selena Gomez subpoenaed to talk about what kind of man Justin Bieber is


Whether she wants to or not, Selena Gomez is getting brought into Justin Bieber’s legal shenanigans.

Justin has been accused of going all Bruce Lee and karate kicking a paparazzi in Los Angeles back in 2012. The paps in question maintains that Selena was on hand for the incident so his lawyers have subpoenaed her to testify and give a breakdown of J.B.’s alleged breakdown.

What could be more important, and much more of a pain in the neck for both, is that the lawyers will want insights from Selena about Justin’s behavior – opening the door for the type of questioning that infamously sent Bieber off the deep end.

And speaking of that case in Miami, the lawyers there representing another allegedly roughed up photog want to talk to Selena as well to see if she can give them details on Bieber’s penchant for rage.

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